Stylish A/C Designs For Your Home

An air conditioner is, by all accounts, a functional system that is used to keep your home cool and to reduce humidity levels inside the home. While the system is functional, it actually can add aesthetic appeal to your home as well. Through the use of a stylish AC design for your home, you can keep your home cool on warm days while also benefiting from the style of a beautifully designed model.

Central AC Systems

A central AC system uses a duct system to deliver cooled air into your home. The ducts and vents, therefore, are the only visible component of these systems. Standard air vents are typically white or off-white in color. They may lack style and flair, but you can upgrade the vents to wrought iron or decorative aluminum styles. Consider, for example, how this cast iron return vent in matte black may look in your home. These can be painted other colors for additional style in the home. In this way, the vents can add decorative flair rather than simply being a banal feature on your ceilings or walls.

Split AC Systems

Split air conditioner systems boast a sleek, stylish and often compact design. They are typically shorter in height with a long, slender look, and they most often are white or black in hue. These systems are generally designed to cool a smaller space of just a few hundred square feet, but some models may be suitable for use with larger spaces. These provide you with a more modern look to the traditional, wall-mounted air conditioner. This Pridiom model, for example, boasts a sleek design with black and silver coloring.

Window AC Units

Window AC units are available in a wide range of styles. Traditional styles may feature a rectangular, geometric-shaped grill in a white or beige color and turn dials to control the temperature. More modern styles, however, may be available in black, charcoal gray or other decorative colors. This Friedrich model is available in Satin Silver. They may feature a more stylish grill, and some units feature a covered grill, such as this Soleus model. It is designed to deliver cool air to the room without adding the look of a grill in the room at all. Modern designs may also feature a smooth panel with a touch-screen rather than dials.

Portable AC Units

If you are in the market for a portable air conditioning system, you will have plenty of beautiful styles to choose from. These units are available in a wide range of styles, shapes and colors. Depending on the size of space that you need to cool, you may be able to choose from a number of decorative colors. Most often, these colors are neutral in hue and are designed to blend into your home décor rather than to be a focal point of the décor. They may be tall and slender, short and sleek or even geometrical in style. This LG model is tall and slender with a black and silver hue.

Wall-Mounted AC Units

Wall-mounted air conditioner units are designed to be installed into the drywall of your home. These units can be an eyesore as they are most often mounted within arm’s reach or at eye-level. However, modern styles of wall-mounted AC units can actually add to the décor of your room. Like window AC units, modern designs may feature a covered grill or a decorative grill, stylish colors and a digital touch-screen design rather than bulky dials. The Kuhl model boasts a silver and white design, wireless connectivity and a digital dial.

When selecting the right air conditioner for your home, consider finding a model that is designed to accommodate the space that you need to cool. Then, consider the style of the unit. This is a unit that you may use frequently or that may even become a permanent fixture in your home, so the style of the unit does matter. With so many stylish options available to choose from, you can easily find a beautiful style that will look great in your home.

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