Steps for Home design and construction process

Most of the people consider building a new house as a life time thing; hence for them, the process involved in making it seems quite confusing. Though there are several development and enhancements, which keep on coming in the home building process, yet the basic steps involved in home design and construction process remains the same. If you are looking out to make your dream house in the coming future, it is always better to check the number of steps involved in home design construction process. So, let’s check out these steps as discussed in the following paragraphs.

Choosing a site

Though this may not be called as the technical part of home design process yet happens to be an important step for constructing your dream house. There are several elements, which are considered as critical while choosing any site for building your house. Any thoughtful house is often melded with a piece of land that comes oriented towards the views, captures all the prevailing sunlight and breeze along with fitting perfectly in the neighborhood having the right kind of character and scale. In case if your land is not simple and flat, you would then require a detailed site survey, before you start the home designing and construction process. The survey simply includes things like topography, drainage, vegetation, easements, utilities and several other important elements.


The next step is to ask your architect to collect and study all the information required to build up your new home. The architect will then formulate a detailed program, which will define your requirements and objectives. These include designing as per the size, function and relationship between the character, spaces and image along with counting on other elements, which have their say in your new home. This design professional studies your site and find out the best placement of your dream house on the site. Finally after studying the zonal ordinances and local building codes, you get a construction scope along with the budget and schedule from the architect.

The Schematic Design

The next step belongs to conceptual brainstorming and exploration, which defines the home design process. It starts with the development of rough sketches and concept diagrams. At this stage a general layout and the overall appearance of both site and your dream house is created. The drawing, sketches and the study models are simply prepared to help in evaluating the home architecture concept and ideas along with setting up the closing direction for refining your home. This follows testing the soils along with evaluating the land’s bearing limits along with locating the underground water table, bedrock and several obstructions found in the construction path. This helps the engineer to chalk out a proper foundation along with the structural system.

The design development

Once the general layout, size and character of your home are set, it’s time to refine the home. Now you will see the elevations and floor plans being prepared with greater amount of accuracy than the ones prepared at the time of schematic phase. This starts the work as per the architectural building systems with mechanical system and structural frame. Different ideas are explored for a number of feature elements of the house like the cabinetry, built-in furniture, stairs, and fireplaces. A number of designs are prepared, which defines some of the vital technical details. Now, you will see the floor plans, sections and elevations for your house are developed. By completing this step, a majority of your creative work is done.

The construction documentation
In this step, your home designs are now converted into contractor’s technical language. The working drawings (also termed as floor or building plans) and the specifications are organized, which will describe the types of materials required for building your new house along with the way these are installed. In this step all the technical aspects of your home project are worked out along with some part of designing. Lastly, things like plumbing and lighting fixtures along with the other stuff including the paint color, tiles and carpet too are chosen.


The last phase comes in the form of your home construction. In this phase, the progress of the work is checked along with facilitating any changes required on the design or architectural modifications during the construction. You are then required to check the payments as per the pay requests, which come along from the contractor. You will find the selections of fixtures and finishes are being carried out at this stage. Once the construction is finished inspection is carried out by the technical team so that it becomes ready for your use.

Final word
Home design and construction is tedious job, which requires loads of manpower, money and efforts. As you build your home once in your lifetime it’s important to understand these steps properly, so that you remain involved actively and know how and what is going on in your home building project.

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