Smart TV from LG

LG TVs are known for their attractive and rather sleek designs, innovative features and outstanding performance. One of the proud achievements of LG is the 55LW5600 LED Backlit Smart TV which gives you the best of both worlds by combining 3D capability and internet connectivity. For those who prefer the plasma technology, LG offers almost similar features in the 60 inch 3D capable 1080p Plasma TV; the 60PZ750 Smart TV.

 Smart TV

With this Smart TV sky is the limit when it comes to accessing content and movies and downloading apps. It also gives easy access to some of the best web features. LG has designed LG Apps specifically for its Smart TV which enables the user to play games, get the latest weather forecast and news. Whether you are looking for information, entertainment or education; LG apps have it all.

Streaming Videos has never been so easy as you can get unlimited entertainment in the form of cable TV and services like Netflix, Youtube, VUDU, Cinema Now and Hulu Plus (available only in the US). You can also get live coverage of sports events from any corner of the world. Social networking gets more interesting on the large screen as you update your facebook status or receive the latest tweets on Twitter

Picture Quality

The picture quality of the LG Smart TV has been voted the best by the critics. Content both in 3D as well as in 2D is a treat to watch. The matte screen brings out the best contrast, colors and brightness in the LED Backlit TV. The impressive blacks and accurate colors of the LG Smart TV are really outstanding and have stolen the show form is competitors such as Sony and Vizio while Samsung comes to neck to neck in this category. The picture uniformity which has erased the hot spots is a feature to die for. The TruMotion 120 Hz technology makes video games, sports and action movies more exciting and absolutely free of the annoying motion blurs. Another attractive feature of the LG Smart TV is the full HD 1080p that offers twice the pixel resolutions which in turn takes care of even the slightest details.

3D Capable

The Plasma version of the LG Smart TV comes with four pairs of “active 3D glasses” while the LED backlit model is shipped with passive 3D glasses as the LED model incorporates the Cinema 3D technology. The glasses in both cases are lighter in weight and being square shaped can easily fit over any prescription glasses. Headaches and discomfort have been reduced to a great extent giving the viewer longer hours of 3D entertainment. The 3D quality of most TVs has either been disappointing or just average but in case of LG the images produced are lifelike, crisper and smoother and have a wider viewing angle. The 2D to 3D conversion capability of the LG Smart TVs is also one of its outstanding features.

The Magic Motion Remote

The Magic Motion Remote is reputed to be the best feature of the LG Smart TV. It is sleek and slender and devoid of the plethora of buttons one usually finds on a typical remote as it permits menu selection through motion control. The remote has the power, volume up and down, directional keys, Home, program and select keys neatly arranged on it. Compared with and called the Magic Wand, this remote is based on the Nintendo Wii mote and is functional and practical.


Slim design, excellent quality and superior performance have always been the hallmark of the LG TVs. The 55LW5600 LED Backlit 3D capable Smart TV and the 60 inch 3D capable 1080p Plasma TV; the 60PZ750 Smart TV from LG have won the nod of approval from consumers because of the stunning picture quality, true to life 3D content and easily accessible web content besides many interesting apps from LG. Assisted by the magic motion remote, these models provide non-stop cinema like entertainment at home as well as web browsing abilities. These models from LG are also energy efficient as they consume less electricity thereby reducing your electricity bill. The competitive price is another plus point of these models from LG.

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