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Business Listings to help you find that Pro

We have just launched a new feature to help you find competent home remodeling and decorating pros, products and services. By offering free and premium listing services, we hope to attract the "best of the best" and to avoid the "best of the louziest." By the way, we include interior designers, architects, design build firms, landscapers, plumbers, HVAC, electricians, masonry pros as well as Realtors and Movers that assist you. Lets not forget those big box and specialty stores either or tool manufacturers and trade associations.

As a member of the Millennial Living Community, you'll have the ability to comment on and rate each business or store listed once you join the community (It's free). This is based on their work of course, but it also entails how they treated you before you decided to use them and after. Were they punctual, keep their appointments and promises, and followup promptly when you had a problem? The real difference we have found is in the people a business employs or that one designer or associate who knows their stuff and goes the extra mile. We definitely hope that you will mention good people by name in your comments.

Other members will want to communicate with you and also get an idea of the work that a home remodeling and decorating pro did. You can do that lon this site and via email.

So if you are a home remodeling and decorating pro, check out a sample of our free and premium listings. Also, if you have found a pro that you like, please tell them about Millennial Living and email them this page.

Premium Business Listings
Between now and September 1, 2008, Millennial Living is offering $20 off on any premium business listing. That amounts to a free month's listing. If you decide to cancel, we'll gladly refund your money and/or convert your premium listing to a "free listing" at no charge to you. See how the listings work and start promoting your business to people who want competent pros and are serious about home remodeling and decorating.

Of course, if you have questions about the listings or anything else, See ABOUT US or just ASK TOM.