Roof Top Solar in America's Big Cities can lead to Clean Energy Future

Over 3 years ago we touted the potential of installing solar panels on the roof tops of big cities like <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />New York. At the time it seemed like a good idea and we are more convinced than ever that it still is. That’s because since we have posted our original article, no one has been successful in building new interstate power lines to carry renewable energy like solar and wind to the cities where it is needed. The main reason is no one is in charge of the siting process and and any State in a project's path can veto the project or delay it indefinitely. Another reason is NIMBY aka Not In My Back Yard.

For those who aren’t convinced of the wisdom of roof top solar I would point out that it accomplishes two things very easily. It moves the electrical power close to where the demand is. Thereby avoiding the problems of building high voltage interstate power lines to a large degree.  

Solar panels on roof tops make complete sense in the big cities where power line congestion raises every body's electricity rates. It is also nearly impossible to build new fossil fuel-fired power generators in inner cities. The great thing about solar roof tops is that they will create jobs and allow residents of condominiums/coops and owners of commercial buildings to contribute to the growth of renewable energy. Also think of the job creation associated with solar roof tops and millions of dollars worth of electricity bill savings every year.

New York City now has a solar map that shows the solar potential of major buildings in the City. You can even add your own building to the map. We think this is an excellent idea to make the residents and owners of large buildings aware of their building's solar potential and to also attract investors to finance the project. I wish there was a solar map and even wind for every major city. Mr. President, how about it. Congress?

Solar map of New York City

Read the complete article in UK’s IB Times on America's Clean Energy Future and also take a look at our older post and video on solar roof tops on how residents of a New York City Coop built roof top solar.