Repair Your House Windows Rather than Replace Them

Windows add to the appeal of a home. It’s necessary to take care of our windows to protect them from damages. But because of the natural elements and external factors, it is unavoidable for windows to suffer scratches and dents. The glass panes may be scratched or broken, a sliding window panel may no longer be able to slide, and the wooden sashes may have cracks.

Whatever the problem is, you don’t immediately have to resort to replacing your window with a new one. It is important to note that replacing windows may cost you up to thousands of dollars as opposed to just repairing them which may cost you only a few dollars.

Choosing to replace windows is practical only for people who intend to resell their house. However, if you don’t have the budget or still plan to stay in your home, it would be best if you repair you house windows instead. Considering the damages mentioned above, you just need to allot some time, effort, and just a little cash to fix them. Not only that, repaired windows are also more energy efficient. Read on and learn some of practical solutions for common window problems:

Wooden Windows

If you regularly take the time to maintain your wooden windows, it can last a long time. However, leaving the windows unpainted will make the window vulnerable to the elements, eventually; the wooden frames will rot away.

You can repair them with the use of liquid epoxy. Simply fill in any holes or gaps with epoxy putty. Sand the surface after so it can hold paint better. For average sized windows, it will cost you about $20 worth of epoxy putty to repair it and about $10 for paint and primer to keep it from getting easily damaged. Depending on how fast you are, it can take between three to five hours to finish fixing each window.

The sashes and stops of windows usually end up getting damaged after a long period of time. This laves gaps where air is able to go through. It’s advisable to use spring bronze weather stripping which has a V-shaped cross section. This provides constant pressure on the window sash which covers the gaps while still allowing the sash to move. Average sized windows will cost about $20 worth of spring bronze weather stripping to seal it. It will take about an hour to install this on the window.

Double-hung wooden windows have opposing weights which are meant for raising the window sashes. Sometimes, these weights give out because they are old but they can be easily changed. The main concern when repairing this is the need for a large hollow space for the weights and pulleys. This space leads to lowers the insulation of your house so you need to attach new replacement lifting mechanisms to the window sash. With this device you will be able to seal the space with expandable foam in order to maintain the heat inside your house. The lifting mechanism usually costs about $38 while the spray foam for insulation will cost just about $5. It may take you four hours to install these in one window.

Windows Made of Other Materials

Aside from the traditional windows, other materials that may be used can be fiberglass, vinyl or aluminum. These materials can also last long especially if you regularly spend time for maintenance. However, the gaskets used to seal the window sashes are not as durable. In case there are holes of damages you should remove the sash and apply a silicone sealant to fix it. If there is a need to replace the gaskets you should get in touch with a window manufacturer or a home improvement professional.

Seal any holes or tears so that the wooden core cannot be damaged by water. If there are loose aluminum sashes, you just need to tighten the screws at the corners. To prevent rusting of the screws, apply a coat of dry-locking compound specifically made for screws. The replacement gaskets and silicone will only cost you a few dollars. You also need just one hour for each window.

Energy Efficient Windows

If you are able to find ways of sealing your windows to improve insulation, you will be able to save money because your window is energy efficient. Whenever you need to make repairs, find ways to prevent air from leaking through holes or spaces in your windows.

Worn-down windows pose as great opportunities for improving the ability of your windows for storing heat inside your house. And of course, buying a replacement window is more expensive than repairing them.

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