Remodeling Tips and Secrets for Do It Yourselfers- Part 1

These tips will reduce the anxiety associated with remodeling, improving and decorating your home when you have to do it yourself.

Basic tools for home remodeling and decorating

  1. Hang chandelier or lighting fixtues 33 to 36 inches over the top of a dining room table. Dining room tables are usually 28 inches high.
  2. Kitchen pendants should be hung 30 to 42 inches so that there is an unimpeded view above the peninsular or island. This depends on the height of people so get the taller family members to determine what is appropriate and then select a height that works.
  3. Hang pictures so that the center of picture is at eye level. We know this varies. Err on the lower side. Most people hang their picture too high.
  4. Living room and family room furniture pieces should be no farther than 8 feet from each other. This ensures that your guests and family can speak to each other without shouting.
  5. If you have a fireplace, it should be the focal point of the room. Don't place a sofa or other piece in front of it.
  6. Always place the bed on the opposite side of the door coming into the bedroom. That way the room will look bigger and any bedspread or comforter will be the highlight of the room.
  7. If you have windows with a decent view, make sure that furniture is not blocking it. Consider placing small chairs and furniture, but not the sofa in front of the window.
  8. If you have windows with a terrible view, place a tall floor lamp or tall art piece in front of it. You'll at least distract a viewer and hide part of it.
  9. When staining furniture or a kitchen cabinet, always rub the stain with the grain of the wood. The longer you let the stain sit the darker the color. 
  10. Consider deck stains as possible candidates for staining cabinets such those made by Behr.
  11. To cover scratches on furniture or cabinets, use auto body filler instead of wood filler. Auto body filler is harder and stronger. Also it's much easier to work with and you can sand and paint it.
Please feel free to share your tips so we can all benefit.