Redesign a Room on a Budget

Many people hesitate to redesign their home. This is because they think that it will cost them a lot. Any home redesign project can be costly when owners do not know how to budget. There are actually a lot of different ways to beautify one’s home without breaking the bank. These methods can effectively help homeowners cut down on project costs. They may only have to spend a few dollars with a few tips. However, it may require some of their precious time and a little help from other family members and friends.

• Getting rid of the clutter

Any space can look wider and more presentable when it is free of any clutter. A home with too many boxes and other unwanted things piled up can appear small and tight. Before considering any room redesign project, be sure to clean and de-clutter first. Try to cut down the number of items present in the room. With these simple tasks, the room can regain its elegance and brightness. This project is free and may only take a day to complete.

• Rearrange the furniture

Rearranging the furniture is an easy task to do, and it doesn’t cost anything. This is the simplest way to redesign a room. Start by repositioning the furniture in different locations without compromising its functionality. It is also a great idea to switch pieces out. Some living room side tables can actually be used as bedside tables or coffee tables. Most importantly, do not put furniture close to the wall to avoid any scratches.

• Define areas with rugs

Floor areas can appear wider with light-colored rugs in them. Choose darker colors for a more intimate look. Rugs are great for defining seating areas. However, owners should make certain the each rug color can harmonize with the other room embellishments. These rugs may only cost $20 or less at thrift shops. Additionally, rugs, mats and carpets can be used on the floor to make it appear darker than the walls. A large carpet remnant can be a great substitute for carpet replacement, and it costs less than $100.

• Repaint the walls and the ceiling

Repainting the walls and the ceiling can freshen up the whole room. This project is the most effective way to redesign a room. For only $40, homeowners can have a great-looking room. Experiment with the color and make it appear wider or warmer. Add some boarders if necessary. Do not forget to paint the fifth wall too. Ceilings should be painted with a whiter version of the wall’s color. In bedrooms, adding moldings and architectural elements can totally change the room’s overall appearance.

• Go for DIY linen covers and pillow cases

In the bedroom, linens and pillow cases make a lot of difference. The same thing goes for throw pillows in the living room. DIY projects are the best solution to come up with the most interesting covers and cases. Linen outlets sell flat sheets for $40 or less. They can be sewn together for a duvet cover. Spend another $10 for both bedroom and living room pillow cases. This project is cheap and fun, and it can turn the bedroom and the living room into a lovelier place.

• Change or add lighting

Lighting never fails to add mood to a home. It can bring out more life in all rooms. Add extra table lamps if necessary. Otherwise, simply put in new bulbs with colors that can impose the desired mood in the area.

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