Reasons to Consider Granite Counter Tops in Your Kitchen

Many things should be taken into consideration when you decide to remodel your kitchen. One of the first steps is choose the appliances for your kitchen. Are you purchasing new appliances or keeping the ones you have? Your decision will be influenced by the age of your current appliances. You must also take into account the overall decorating of the room. What color will the kitchen be?
As you design your new kitchen, think about the kitchen counter tops. Different materials are available. One type of counter is Formica, but it has problems. It scratches easily, and it is impossible to remove the scratches. Formica counter tops can be easily scorched if you place a hot pot on top and leave the counter top unprotected. If your Formica top is damaged, the only option you have to correct the problems is to replace the counter top. This is an expensive solution. You would be better off choosing a counter top that is more durable.
Granite counter tops are preferable to Formica counter tops. Granite does not succumb to the same problems as Formica. You do not have to worry about scratches or scorching from hot spots. Granite is an extremely hard stone. Believe it or not, granite is harder than steel so a hot pot will not leave marks on the surface of a granite kitchen counter top.
Granite if far more beautiful than even the nicest of Formica counter tops. Granite is beautiful because it is natural and each piece of granite is unique like everything else in nature. It has a luster and depth that Formica cannot achieve. On top of that, granite is extremely easy to maintain. You can simply sponge the counter top down with soapy water.
Before you decide on any counter tops for the kitchen you are planning to remodel, take a trip to a shop whose specialty is granite counters. This retailer will be extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of granite counter tops and will be able to guide you through the decision making process. Go there prepared to ask him a host of questions about granite counter tops. Some aspects of granite that you should ask about are:
1. A comparison between the advantages of granite counter tops versus other counter tops like Formica.
2. What are the cost comparisons between granite counter tops and other counter tops like Formica?
3. What steps are involved in installing granite counter tops in your kitchen or bathroom?
4. How long will installation of granite counter tops take from start to finish?

Remodeling a kitchen is a huge undertaking and all aspects of it should be researched thoroughly. Your remodeled kitchen will be with you for a long time to come so choose your cabinets and counter tops wisely. While you might replace appliances from time to time, your counter tops are a far more permanent decision. Be sure to learn all you can about granite. It will add a depth of beauty your home's kitchen for years to come.

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