Promoting your Business on Millennial Living

If you or your company provides products and services, there are many options promoting and marketing your business on Millennial Living. All of them are free to members of the Millennial Living Comunity, except our premium business listing. Sign up for a Free Account.

  1. If you're an expert and want to write a relatively detailed story, then post a article. Take a look at our topics for examples. This is a terrific way to show people what you know and win their business. If you have a website we can show you how to link to your article.
  2. If you want to advertise your services and products, then submit a free business listingLearn more about this.
    This is also a good way to let people know that you are a member of the community and will treat them fairly.
  3. If you want to show off your work, upload a photo. We accept content from companies and individuals. See the photo gallery.
  4. If you want to blog regularly, then register for a free account.
  5. Post to our forums to help out users. It's a great way to get business.
  6. Leave a comment after an article- it's easy and simple.

Note: All content is moderated and approved before it is made public. We reserve the right not to publish your content if we feel it adds little or no value to the community. We also will suggest other places for your content where appropriate. if you have questions, Ask Tom.