Powerwashing brick- please help!

Need help. Some fool power washed the brick and it looks terrible. Can anyone help and offer a solution. We think that a chemical solution was applied since it killed our plants. We live in Michigan.

The company that the power wash person is dealing with is Prosoco. The first application was "Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner NE". On the chance that the left over residue might be efflorescence, they they recommended tasting the brick to see if it tasted salty (efflorescence).

I found that the brick was salty. They recommended sealing the brick with "Siloxane PD" and then treating it with "Vanatrol". The power washing company suggested treating a small area with Vanatrol to see if it would work without sealing it and I agreed. He was supposed to do that today.

When I got home from work I found a bottle of EF-FORTLESS made by EaCo Chem sitting on the front porch. I can only assume he had a change in his plans. Still don't know where this will end up.  

Frustrated and ready to do the work myself.... Can anyone shed some light on these chemicals?  


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