Planting Fruit Trees in Your Yard

There are many options available for adding shade to your yard, but not all offer other benefits as well. Fruit trees are not only a great way to start adding shade, but they also offer healthy snacks and dessert options for the entire family. Planting fruit trees in your yard is a very environmentally friendly idea as well, and helps give something back to the Earth in a positive way.

Key Considerations

Keep in mind that there are a few key considerations when you decide to plant fruit trees in your yard. These are especially important to remember, as ignoring even one can lead to the trees having to be cut down, moved, or replaced later.

  1. Water is critical from many different perspectives. When you choose a specific fruit tree to plant, make sure that you can offer the type of water that the tree needs. In other words, do not choose a tree that needs a lot of water if you live in an area with little rainfall, unless you plan to do a lot of watering every day.
  2. Watch drainage for the area. Trees grow best in areas that allow their roots to thrive. Planting a fruit tree in an area that has problems with drainage, either not enough or too much, can prevent the tree from growing or producing later.
  3. Climate is a very important consideration. Much like planting flowers or shrubs, trees grow best in certain climates as well. Pay close attention to the type of environment that is best for the fruit tree that you are considering. For instance, a lemon tree would not do well in a cold climate; however there are other trees, such as apple or pear trees, that will thrive in the cold northern US climate.

Choosing the Best Fruit Trees

Once you have established what to avoid planting in your yard, you can start getting down to what you can plant. Using the three main considerations outlined above, choose fruit trees that work well with your area’s climate, water considerations, and drainage. Talk to experts at nurseries or garden centers if you have any questions about a specific type of fruit tree, or use your Internet resources to learn about fruit trees in general.

If you pay attention to detail, and learn what is best for your yard, then you could be enjoying the benefits of your labors in as little as a few years. Some trees produce much faster than others, but some trees require some real dedication in order to get them to that point initially.

Most of the United States is divided into ten specific climate zones, for ease when choosing flowers, shrubs, trees, and other gardening products. 

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