Organize Your Winter Coats, Boots and Other Seasonal Items

Once the colder fall and winter seasons arrive, most families find themselves struggling to keeping their coats, boots and other seasonal items tidy, well-organized and yet close at hand. Because these items are bulky and sometimes difficult to store, they often have a tendency to become a disheveled mess in the home.

Don't Forget to Rotate

If you're trying to stuff winter coats into a closet that is already full of summer and spring jackets, you're simply making things too difficult. Unless you have an extremely spacious closet or a small number of coats and jackets, you'll be better off rotating your coats and jackets on a seasonal basis. Once you find yourself needing winter outerwear on a regular basis, it's time to put your lightweight jackets and sweaters in a different location. A basement closet, the attic or even a portable cardboard moving box designed for clothing can work. Once your summer and spring jackets are gone, you'll probably find that you have plenty of space for your bulky winter coats.

Organize the Small Stuff

If mittens, scarves and hats are your winter nemesis, an over-the-door shoe rack with plastic pockets could be the perfect solution. These handy organizers are inexpensive, easy to hang, and great for keeping small items under control. In fact, you might already have one of these around your home that you can re-purpose for the winter season. If not, look for one that has clear plastic pockets, since this feature will make it easier for everyone to find their small winter outerwear items quickly and easily.

Get Boots and Shoes Under Control

If you're tired of finding a stack of wet, snow-covered or muddy boots and shoes stacked inside your door, a boot rack can be a great addition to your home. These handy racks will not only help keep your shoes and boots better organized, but they can also protect your hardwood floors or carpeting from getting wet and dirty. As an added bonus, some of these racks are designed with features that will help your wet boots and shoes dry faster, helping to keep them fresher and more comfortable.

Organize Your Winter Toys

If your family loves to play in the snow or perhaps you're a skiing aficionado, you'll need a convenient way to keep your "winter toys" neat and organized. Sometimes all that's needed is a few plastic bins or boxes in the mudroom to get the job done. If you have larger items such as sleds that you use frequently, it can be well worth the time and effort to design a specialized storage rack in the garage. You'll probably find that both you and your family will enjoy the winter weather more if it's not such a struggle to find and use your outside toys and equipment. As an added bonus, your items will be less likely to become damaged if you store them properly.

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