Organize your Pantry – Three Point Checklist

If “disaster” is a word that accurately describes your pantry then having it organized immediately should be a priority. Pantries are designed to be hidden away making its chances of being unorganized more than likely. There will always be a good chance that some of these stored food items have already expired and that could pose a serious threat to your family’s health. A clean and organized pantry makes cooking more organized; food more appealing and helps save dollars on your next grocery trip. All good reasons for organizing your pantry.


Organizing your panty can be simple with the right tools and planning. This could take anywhere from a few hours to a day depending on the condition of your pantry. However, you could make this job more efficient by sitting down and preparing a plan of action. It could take you a few more minutes but could cut your working hours significantly.

  • Assess the condition of your pantry
  • Get a pen and notebook for recording ideas
  • Prepare your cleaning materials (feather duster, trash can or bag, rubber gloves, cleaning solutions, cloth)
  • Boxes for storing excess food for donations

Clearing out

The next step is to remove everything from the pantry. Clear out everything and leave your pantry bare. This gives you an idea of how much space you’ve got and if its needs any fixing. It also helps in letting you remove dirt and dust which may have accumulated over the years. Just imagine how easier it would be to clean the pantry without canned goods and food storage boxes in your way.

Make this more efficient by cleaning canned goods or food storages as you remove them. It might also be a good idea to sort out through the expiry dates and dispose of these accordingly. If you find yourself with more stuff than you need then why not donate this to a good charity. A less cluttered storage space makes it easier for you to find food located in your pantry.

Cleaning and Retouching

Why not spice up your pantry by using wallpapers or painting it with a lighter color. A white background for example provides a wonderful contrast to your colorful food items. Make it pristine to give it a glow of cleanliness. Do this and you’ll find yourself visiting your pantry more often.

Clearing your pantry gives you an accurate idea of how much storage space you currently have. It also gives you a clean slate for introducing new styling ideas or if you need to add or remove shelves. Deep shelves mean having food items that are less visible, making these harder to locate.

Store less used items like cooking and kitchen wares at hard to reach spaces. Place food items at the center and organized them into categories. You could also place notes inside the door and a simple map of where foods and items could be located.

Pull-out drawers help you keep food items free from dust and dirt. Just remember to label or make a mental note of what these contain. Adding shelves on the other hand means more ways of organizing food items. You could use guide wires or plastic shelves to separate storage spaces. Using food boxes helps organize similar food items. Replace cardboard boxes with glass jars that help you identify food easier and faster.

This is a guest post by Suzzane Edwards who works for Kitchen Cabinets.