Ordering windows? Don't forget the Brick Mold and Trim

Brickmold and trim for windows are are often overlooked by do it yourselfers when ordering windows. Brickmolds are usally shown in schematic style and unless you are an engineer or architect, you are like to overlook them. We show you what windows look like without them and with them and how they look on siding.

What is a brickmold?
Brickmold is the material that surrounds the perimeter of a window. The brickmold can be wood, vinyl or metal. To get a good idea of what brickmold is, take a look at a window in a brick house below. The white wood surrounding the window is called the brickmold. you can see that it gives the window some depth and a pleasing appearance.

Typical window with brickmold

Now that a look at a window below installed in a brick house without brick mold. You'll notice that you can see brick on the left and right side of the window. So why didn't the owner choose a brickmold? Simple, they ordered from a home improvement store and simply were not aware or told about it. The window is still functional, but is look a bit bear and underdressed. The brickmold would have made a differnce.

Window without brickmold

Can you use brickmold if there is no brick?
Yes, you can use brickmold as the picture below shows on a window that is installed surrounded by James Hardie siding. Usually though, a trim is used to give the window more depth.

Brickmold on window with siding