New Millennial Living website launched

Millennial Living's new website provides additional benefits to people who are planning or doing a home remodeling or home improvement project. The site will continue to build on its solid foundation of over 140 articles about home remodeling and related topics. It will also feature many more articles and tap into the former and current experiences of people who have lived through a home remodeling project and associated activities. Benefits Consumers will benefit by having a place to tell their stories and share information and best practices. Contractors, trades people, architects, interior designers, landscapers and companies that provide products and services are also welcome to join the community to share their knowledge. Consumers will also be able to create a review and rate any company, product or service. These reviews and ratings are available for all to see after undergoing moderation. They can be used by consumers to make purchasing decisions. Also stores and other product and service providers can get a better idea of how customers really feel about their levels of customer service and the quality of their products and services. The website will also address other related issues such as buying and selling a home, decorating it, moving, energy, environmental matters as well as getting US passports, how best to deal with government bureacracies and money issues. New Features Access to the website and basic features are free at this time. Users will be able to:
  • Comment on any article,
  • Create reviews of companies, contractors, products and services,
  • Assign a 5 star rating to companies, contractors, products and services
  • Post to the forums and also get a free blog.