Guest Blog Services


Follow & Nofollow Policy

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Millennial Living offers several services when it comes to guest blogs. This is all based on how much work you want to do. If you don't have the time or inclination to write a guest blog, we'll write it for you for $USD35.00. The post will include photos, and several links back to your site and you will be able to review it prior to our publishing it. We do all the heavy lifting here. 

Do It Yourself and Save Some Money

Option A- you write your own guest blog using our easy to use graphical user interface and submit it to the queue for review. The cost for this is $USD5.00. You'll need to create an account and submit your post to the queue following the directions below.

Option B- Designed for folks who want to avoid setting up a post. You just email your word document and photos to us and we take care of the rest. The cost is $10.00 per post. 

Option C- Most posts are published within 72 hours, but if you are in a hurry we will expedite publishing. Just add $USD5.00 to either Option A or B.

Please note that this fee simply covers our costs and is not associated with accepting your post or promoting links back to your site. We reserver the right to reject all posts if they are not of sufficent quality and don't add value to our web visitors.

We do on occasion waive the fees, but this is done on a case-by-case basis. Just send an email explaining your situation.

Bulk Discounts

We are also offering bulk discounts at 10 posts for $40 payable in advance for Option A service and 10 posts for $75 for Option B service. 

Payments are should be made via Paypal to tom at DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR PAYMENT UNTIL YOUR POST IS ACCEPTED. All authors are automatically notified via email whether or not their posts have been published. 

Guest Post Policy

Millennial Living only accepting unique content, i.e. content that hasn’t been “spun” or published elsewhere and focuses on a unique aspect of the topic. Since we instituted this new policy, we have only published 20 percent of the posts submitted.

Let me give you a better idea of what we will accept and not accept in terms of a guest post:

  1. If we have numerous posts on a given subject and your post is similar to them, we're not going to accept it. We really dislike turning people down so please do yourself a favor and search our site first before you spend the time and effort to submit something.
  2. We like to accept posts on topics that we have not covered before. They have to be relevant to the major categories of our site though or we won't accpet them. You can always run an idea past us before you decide to submit it.
  3. We like to cover topics that are unique and not well covered by others. 
  4. We like long guest posts filled with pictures or short posts that tell a story with pictures. 

What to expect

  1. You will not be paid for your post.
  2. All submittals must be made by joining the community below and submitting the post. No exceptions, we just can't keep up with them.
  3. Include one photo in the teaser and the same or a related article in the body of the post. Give credit for the photo. A good source for free photos is the  Creative Commons photos on Flickr
  4. All posts are moderated.
  5. We tweet most guest posts and they are also published on Millennial Living's Facebook page also.
  6. If your article is page is not high quality or does meet the above standards, it will not be published. We'll tell you if they are not published.

    How to get Started?

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    Getting Started

    All prospective authors should create an account. That's free and very easy. Once you do that, you'll see a group of links on the right side of your page entitled "My Dashboard" where you will be able to create your post. Please read the following guidelines carefully to ensure that your content is acceptable along with our content creation tips and how to use our WYSIWYG GUI.