Natural Solutions for Keeping Spiders Out

It is rare to find a homeowner who is fond of spiders.  Most homeowners would do just about anything to keep these eight legged insects from entering the house.  Unfortunately, most pesticides can be harmful to children, pets and those with high allergy sensitivities.  Thankfully, there are natural solutions for keeping spiders out that do not involve the spraying of chemical deterrents.

A tube of caulk and a caulk gun can become a homeowner's best defense against spiders.  Since the insects only need mere millimeters of space to creep into the home, caulking along window and door frames and filling cracks or holes in masonry can be a way to significantly decrease the number of spiders that are able to get inside the house.  Caulk is inexpensive and can be purchased at all home improvement and hardware stores.  It most typically comes in clear and white formulas that can be painted over.

Weather Stripping
Keeping spiders outWeather stripping is the foam or flexible plastic lining that goes between the door and the door frame.  Not only does it keep out drafts, but it also helps prevent insects, like spiders, from finding their way into the house.  Apply weather stripping to doors and windows for maximum effect.  Also consider getting outlet insulation.  The insulation sits behind the switch plate and is designed to keep cold air from flowing through the outlets, but it also prevents spiders from gathering in that space.

Doors & Windows
The simplest way to keep spiders out is by making sure that doors and windows are tightly closed.  Doors should sit flush against the bottom of the frame so that spiders do not simply walk right under the door.  If the door is too high, attach a door sweep that will help keep them out.  Windows should be properly installed and screens should also sit flush.  Any gap or small hole in the screen can be an open invitation to spiders.

Clear Out Clutter
Clearing out the clutter from around the outside of the home is another easy and natural solution for keeping spiders out of the house.  Trim shrubs away from the exterior walls, clean out gutters and make sure that patio furniture and toys are not leaning against the house.  Hoses, gardening tools and trash cans are all likely places for spiders to hide, so removing those things from a direct access area will help control the number of spiders that get inside.

Metallic Paint
This may seem like an obscure idea, but most spiders cannot maintain traction or footing on very slippery surfaces.  Try painting a wide metallic stripe of paint on rafter ceilings or in garages to keep the spiders from taking up residence in those spaces.  Metallic paint comes in a variety of colors and can be applied with a brush or a can of spray paint.

Natural solutions for keeping spiders out of the house are relatively inexpensive and easy to implement.  Time and effort are the keys to using non-chemical methods of spider prevention.  Say goodbye to harsh chemical pesticides and enjoy a home that is free of spiders and hazardous fumes. 

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Photo by Robert S. Donovan