Millennial Living Quick Tip: How to make a bathroom look contemporary

There are certain things to do to make a bathroom look contemporary. The key thing to keep in mind is the idea of "less is more". In contemporary bathrooms the kind of tile and how it is laid will dictate the overall look. See the tips below: 

How to create a contemporary bathroom

  1. Choose rectified tiles and make sure the grout joint is 1/16 of an inch with spacers.
  2. Lay rectified rectangular wall tiles (large e.g. 13" x 39") in a grid horizontally on top of each other. Staffered brick creates a more traditional look.
  3. Lay rectified floor tile (large- greater than 12" x 12") straight and not diagonally. If you use rectangular floor tiles, you can lay then staggered.
  4. When using a trim, use it sparingly. Glass and glass/porcelain mixed mosaics and staggerd glass trim are in.
  5. If you can afford it, buy a floating vanity. If not, get a vanity that has legs. The vanity should not be mounted next to the wall.
  6. Tile all the walls. This will may actually save some money since listels, borders and bullnoses are expensive. You eliminate the bullnose and metal trim when you tile all the walls.

Casona Castagno bathroom by Porcelanosa

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