Living Room Decorating: Budget Ideas for a Whole New Look

Many people make the mistake of thinking the more they spend on living room decorating, the better their decorating project will turn out, but this could not be further from the truth. Some of the most inexpensive decorating ideas require the least amount of money, and the amount of money spent is not an indication of how different or how stylish the room will end up. It is not necessary to go far into debt to give a living room a new and improved look. 

When decorating a living room, consider the following budget ideas to achieve a completely new and stylish look. You will be amazed by how little you will have to spend to completely transform the look of your living room. With a few easy changes and budget additions you can have a living room with a whole new look, and best of all you can do it all without hiring a professional.

Let Your Imagination Be Your Guide
living roomIf you are convinced you have no idea what you are doing when decorating or redecorating the living room, let your imagination and sense of creativity be your guide. It might take a little arranging and rearranging to end up with the look you want, but anyone can decorate a living room on a budget and make it look like a million bucks. Think outside of the box, and do not be afraid to try something new. If you like a particular look, give it a try! You are the best person for the job when decorating your living room, and you will know right away if a particular decorating scheme works or not.

Budget Rearranging
Rearranging the living room may seem like an obvious way to give it a whole new look, but the way in which you rearrange the room can make a huge difference. Simply exchanging the position of a loveseat and a chair does not constitute an entirely new look. If your living room is large, consider moving the furniture out from the walls and toward the center of the room to create an ideal area for conversing. This will leave a walkway around the perimeter of the room instead of in the center, and it will make the living room feel cozier and more inviting.

On the other hand, if the living room is small, do not line the walls and block openings into other rooms with home furnishings. Think about the furnishings you might be able to do without, and downsize a little to make the living room look more adequate and open. Less is always more when doing any type of decorating, and a living room is no exception. Save your back as well as the furniture and flooring by creating a paper diagram. The pieces can be moved around on paper before moving living room furnishings. 

Add Color, Texture, and Patterns
Window treatments, pillows, and throws are all great decorating accessories to add pattern, texture, and additional color to a living room, and they are available in all price ranges and styles to meet every decorating budget. Take advantage of sales and discount coupons that will help you obtain the home accents you need while sticking to a decorating budget. 

If you like to sew, consider trying your hand at making window treatments and pillows. Simple scarf valances really are very easy to make as are throw pillows. You might even consider making a soft and comfy throws out of colorful fleece. Decorate your living room with a wide range of textures to provide interest and appeal, and instead of trying to match colors, choose accent colors to highlight living room furnishings. The addition of throw pillows, decorative throws, and attractive window treatments really can give the living room a whole new look.   

Floral Arrangements
All living room styles can benefit from beautiful floral arrangements, and if you want budget arrangements consider growing your own fresh flowers and greenery. Flowers do not have to come from the florist to be worthy of displaying in the home, and what better way to add fragrance, texture, and three-dimensional design to the room than with floral arrangements? Select a large vase that matches the style of the room, and choose flowers that compliment the colors. A bouquet of beautiful flowers in an accent color will bring out those colors more than ever, and a well chosen budget bouquet will look anything but budget in style. Nature’s decor is always classy, stylish, and rich in appearance.   

Shop the Clearance Section for Budget Wall Décor
Those wanting to adhere to a decorating budget but prefer fine wall decor should browse the clearance section before deciding they cannot afford high-quality wrought iron wall hangings, candle wall sconces, wall wine racks, and other desirable works of wall art. Many times the prices have been deeply discounted, and it is worth shopping for bargains. Budget clearance priced wall decor is often worth considerably more, and with well chosen pieces you can give your living room a whole new look for far less than you ever thought possible.    

Alyssa Davis writes for and is a specialist in creating unique interiors with silver metal wall art and butterfly wall art.