Lighting tips to create a Romantic Bedroom and Master Bathroom

Most people use table lamps and recessed lighting in their bedrooms. Recessed lighting and vanity lights dominate most large master bathrooms. While these types of light provide functional lighting, they don’t often provide a warm, comfortable and inviting space. Using sconces in a bedroom is a great way to make a bedroom more inviting. Try using task lighting to highlight art, etc. Using a dimmer in bedrooms is a must to change the entire room’s mood. When you get up, you can lower the illumination until you are entirely awake.

Using dimmers in a master bathroom is also a good idea. However, bring a small table lamp into a bathroom can also change it’s entire look and appeal. Table lamps come in all shapes and sizes, so try experimenting with them. A torchier can also create a great look by throwing light on the ceiling. Last but not least, try something dramatic like a chandelier in a bathroom.

As the video below by the American Lighting Association indicates, lighting is fast becoming a way to accessorize a space.