Ideas for Budget Kitchen Decorating

The kitchen is often the hub of the home where family and guests know they will be warmed and fed. Keep your kitchen bright and inviting with these decorating ideas that won’t do damage to your wallet.

Decorating Walls

Make a big impact on the appearance of your kitchen by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. Consider selecting a bold or deep color that contrasts nicely with the white or neutral color that is common to kitchen cabinets and appliances.

If you are wary of hanging up art in your kitchen because of oil splatters or humidity, there are other artsy alternatives to your valuable paintings. You can purchase picture frames at your dollar or thrift store and feature your kid’s paintings or snapshots taken of colorful fruit and vegetables. Large decorative tiles can also make attractive wall hangings. Make it a fun family art project to decorate and paint tiles for your kitchen.

Hanging interestingly designed or patterned plates is a popular choice for decorating walls. You can find wire plate hangers at your local hardware store. For another simple idea, hang a brightly colored apron on a hook on the wall to add a splash of color.

Decorating Countertops

kitchen decorCountertops can easily be freshened up by adding bright and sleek accessories. First clear your countertops of appliances you don’t use regularly, or bottles and cans of food that can go in the pantry. In the spirit of using what you have, display an appliance or two that is often used and makes a bold impact, like a shiny red tea kettle, or an aqua blue toaster.

If you have lots of counter space, you may want to add more items that are both practical and decorative. For example, purchase coordinating transparent plastic or glass jars and fill them with pasta, beans, rice, or cereal. New wood or glass cutting boards can also be tasteful accessories.

Grouping items of the same color together in one area of your kitchen can make a big decorative impact as well. For instance, pull the bowl of avocados and limes next to the pair of green salt and pepper shakers and the blender with the green base.

Decorating Windows and Floors

Plenty of light is essential not only for the tasks of cutting and cooking that go on in the kitchen, but also for enhancing the attractiveness of the room. Make sure your kitchen windows let in an optimal amount of sunlight by using light sheer curtains or window blinds. For a warmer feel, attach a simple valance in a fabric that coordinates with your table linen or dishcloths.

Plants are wonderful for adding life, color, and interest to the kitchen. Place stems of fresh cut flowers in small vases lining the windowsill, or get a pot of trailing ivy that you can arrange to hide unsightly areas of the wall or counter.

An attractive, washable rug can soften the hard tiles and stainless steel surfaces of the kitchen. Inexpensive ones made of polyester that you can wipe clean, or cotton rag rugs, can be found at discount department stores.

Jessica Ackerman of, is an interior designer who illustrates how simple it can be to use wine wall art and wall art trees.