How to Tell the Exact Value of a Rug

You may want a rug for your home or office. Depending on the kind of rug that you would like, you may opt to go for a cheap or expensive one. If you would like to know whether your rug is cheap or expensive, there are some things that you can look at before you buy a rug.

Rugs made of natural fibres such as silk, wool and cotton are generally more expensive than those made of synthetic fibres or those made of blends of synthetic and natural fibres. They are also longer lasting which makes them a good option. Wool carpets are among the most popular natural fibre carpets. To tell whether your carpet is made of superior or inferior wool, touch the carpet. High quality wool should feel soft and silky almost like it has been oiled and firm to the touch while low quality wool will be coarse and brittle. If you are not sure whether the wool is real or fake, pull out a fibre from the rug and burn it. Genuine wool will smell almost as if it is human hair getting burnt.

There are different types of wool and the superiority of the rug will depend on the kind of wool that is used. A rug made of inferior wool will shed a lot when the surface of the rug is agitated using your hand. High quality wool will shed but not as much as the low quality wool. Roll the shed pieces into a ball. The pieces that have been shed should be less than the density of the rug. This means that the shedding is not too much.

To identify a genuine silk rug, it should be tightly woven, the fringe of the rug should be silk and the fringe should be from the rug as opposed to being sewn on the rug. It should also have intricate detailing as well as being closely clipped. You can also do a burn test where you burn a small piece of the fringe. It should smell similar to burning hair, the piece of fibre will melt into itself and the ash will be crisp like and black. You should also remove a piece of silk from a knot which is on the underside of the carpet. It is best to remove a piece of silk from where the pattern is similar in colour so that it is not obvious that you have removed it.

If the silk is artificial or a blend, it will break off cleanly and the ash will be soft and chalk like. If you can, it is best to know what a real silk rug feels like so that you can compare with what you are about to buy. For antique rugs, the back of the rug will have minor errors or uneven spots because they are handmade. This is unlike the machine made rugs which are perfect and even and these tend to be more recently made.