How to Shop for Ceiling Fans

The best approach to use when shopping for a ceiling fan is to know the heights of your ceilings. That's especially important when your ceiling height is 8 feet or less. Armed with that information, the first thing you should be doing is determining the height of the ceiling fan blades from the floor. How come you ask? Because most building codes require that the blades be 7 feet above the floor to avoid injury to most people.

Most websites don't provide you with that information and that makes shopping for a ceiling fan a pain in the neck. Fotunately, Hansen Wholesale, an online ceiling fan vendor has online schematics on every fan imaginable and detailed information so you can make a smart decision easily and get the right fan.

My experience shopping for a ceiling fan

While shopping for a client, I asked my colleague and ceiling fan expert Greg Tillotson of Hansen Wholesale whether a Minka Aire Concept I Ceiling fan like the one below would work in a room with an 8 foot ceiling. 

Minka Aire Concept I fan

Greg indicated that since building codes require the blades of a ceiling fan to be at least 7 feet from the floor, the Minka Aire Concept I fans are not appropriate for an 8 foot ceiling because it drops down 13”.

Schematic view of Minka Aire Concept I fan

This is why they also manufacture the Concept II, which is a flushmounted version of the Concept I. Here is a link to the Concept II on our site:

Schematic of Minka Aire Concept II hugger fan

Greg also said "If you do not want a flushmounted fan, Emerson makes a fan very similar to the Concept I called the Curva which hangs 1” higher than the Concept, so it is appropriate for 8 foot ceilings." Here is a link to that fan:

Emerson Curva 52 inch fan

Emerson also makes a flusmount version that is a bit sleeker than the Minka Comcept II hugger model here:

About Greg Tillotson and Hansen Wholesale

We think the Hansen Wholesale website is a great resource that deserves you patronage. Here are some of the many reasons why.  

1) Greg Tillotson has been the the webmaster for the Hansen Wholesale website since he began creating the website back in 1994. At that time he was the sales manager for a ceiling fan specialty shop that they had. 

2) The Hansen website was in fact the very first ceiling fan website to go online (even before there was such a thing as Google). So over the years Greg has created many things that no other ceiling website has ......... and many things that other websites eventually copied.

3) Yes, Hansen Wholesale is the only site that provides the hanging distance information for ceiling fans. The only other site that we found that does this was for Modern Fan Company.

4) Hansen Wholesale offers ways for consumers to choose the best ceiling fans for their needs and differentiate between over 2,000 ceiling fans they have on their site. That's been Greg's #1 priority.

5) Hansen Wholesale is the only site that provides Quality, CFM, Efficiency and Wattage data in a graphical display on our search results pages, which makes it easy to compare the performance of fans at a glance.

6) Hansen Wholesale is the only site that allows you to sort your search results by Quality, CFM, Efficiency and other exclusive methods.

7) Hansen Wholesalee is the only site that calculates the wind-speed of each fan so that you can know what to expect. (2 fans of equal CFM will not feel the same if the blades are different spans).

8) Hansen Wholesale is the only website that shows what it costs to operate each ceiling fan and allows you to manipulate the calculations based on your cost of electricity.\

9) For over 10 years we were the only website that had any type of ceiling fan quality and performance rating system.

Greg's Favorite Ceiling Fans and web pages 

Greg really likes the Emerson Midway Eco. It is featured on Hansen Wholesale's homepage. It was over 300% more efficient than any other Energy Star ceiling fan with lights. Greg made this determination by comparing the performance of all Energy Star fans using data published by the EPA. Emerson was not even aware of this until he brought it to their attention.

Greg also likes “Who Makes the Best Ceiling Fans” and believes this a great place to find the right ceiling fan for your home.

You can also call Hansen Wholesale tool free at 1-800-201-1193 and see their other offerings at

Disclosure: We are not being paid to post this information.

Please try the Hansen Wholesale website out and tell us what you think? Also feel free to ask any fan questions and we will forward them to Greg Tillotson at Hansen Wholesale.