How Millennial Living can help you with home remodeling and decorating

How we help you
Most of the time home remodeling, decorating and home repair projects are not fun. Even small projects require you to make numerous decisions and be knowledgeable. Unlike those lucky home owners on HGTV, you may not have the money and skilled designers and trades people instantly on hand to make it all happen. However, you still have a "Dream" and Millennial Living is here to help you realize it. We're even assembling a select group of contractors, architects and decorators to help you.

Keep in mind that you are not alone. Millennial Living is here to help and you're welcome to Ask Tom any question. Many people have successfully remodeled, decorated and improved their homes. Most have valuable experience and tips that we hope they will share with all of us. So if you are one of these fine folks, please comment on our articles, submit your "before" and "after" photos or blog about your experience. No one will laugh and Tom will personally help edit your submittals. Learn more about how to participate.

How we help each other
Helping each other with our projects involves enlisting the help of competent professionals and skilled craftsman who have a strong desire to work with you and meet your needs. We do this by finding new and seasoned contractors, architects, interior designers, suppliers and vendors that deal with home remodeling, decorating, home improvement and related areas like real estate and moving.

These companies and individuals can list their skills and business on Millennial Living. Anyone who uses them or has used their services is encouraged to rate them. Your ratings ensure that they "walk the talk."

A perfect example of how a business can actively participate and support members of the Millennial Living Community is Nan Johnsonton, who owns Southern Staging near Atlanta, Georgia. Take a look at the new article that Nan Johnston wrote on Why you should never sell a vacant house.