How to Improve the Look of Your Office

To improve the look of your office freshen it up with a coat of paint, put in extra storage space, hire a professional cleaner and use plants to decorate the area.

Updating the look of your office can not only help improve the appearance of your office space but also, if it is done correctly, can also help increase productivity, reduce stress levels and even make your office look more professional. Even simple things, such as having a carpet cleaning company come through and do the carpets regularly can make a difference to the overall look of your office. There are plenty of commercial cleaning companies so do your research and find one to suit your needs.


A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference to your office space. Depending on your colour choice you can make a smaller space look larger, make an area look warmer and more inviting or even create a feeling of calm. Lighter colours are good if you want your office to look larger, or if you have a large number of staff and equipment in the office and you want the room to seem less cluttered. Bold colours can make a great statement, and something darker often looks good in the reception area where clients will see it, even if you just have a feature wall done in a strong colour. Lighter blues and greens can help reduce stress levels as they are both relaxing and healing. Yellow might look a little distracting but it can often help keep people focused.


Clear a lot of the clutter in your office by making sure you have adequate storage space. Starting with your desk sort out your desk drawers and start a filing system if possible. Use any spare areas within your office and create storage space by putting cupboards along wider hallways and in unused corners. Have a cupboard for coats and and umbrellas and look at different storage solutions such as shelving, cubby holes and clever storage that you can change as you need to.


You can easily improve the look of your office by simply giving it a good clean. Have everyone tidy up their desks and throw away anything that is not needed any more. Look to reducing the clutter by limiting personal items on people's desks, things like toys and other such items. Have a professional commercial cleaner come through and give the carpets a good steam clean and it will also make a big difference if you have the windows cleaned too. Keeping the kitchen area tidy can also improve the look of the office, and make sure you check a check on what is in the fridge as often food gets left and forgotten until it goes off.


Having plants in your office can greatly improve the look of your office. Plants can make the area more pleasant to be in and they can soften the corners of the room. If you are worried about forgetting to water them you can hire plants through various companies who will also come out and look after them for you. Otherwise there are fantastic silk plants available that look just as good as the real thing.