How to Decide How Many Windows A Room Should Have

When you’re building a home, it’s your chance to add all the features of your dreams.  You can capture the best features of your property and build a home you are sure to love.  While you may be excited to draft plans for a home, you may start running into some challenges.  One is trying to decide how many windows a particular room should have.  You may want to fill one wall with a bank of windows, but is that really practical? You may prefer to minimize windows depending on your needs, but what does that do for home value?  Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when making these important decisions.

Future Homebuyers
Consider how the windows will look to future homebuyers.  You may love the idea of eliminating the window in your living room for better television viewing, but this makes the exterior of your house bland and could be a problem when you try to sell the house.   When planning the windows, take a moment to consider what will appeal to others as well as what you personally like.

Furniture Placement
It’s tempting to build a wall of windows, but think about your own furniture and where it will go.  The wall of windows may look great with nothing in front of it, but is that realistic with your lifestyle?  You may be better served to use one or two large windows and maintain some solid wall space for furniture.

Clever Design Features
Have you always dreamed of reclining in a window seat while reading a good book?  A large window seat with a plush cushion and plenty of light streaming in may become your favorite spot in the house.  Alternatively, consider installing adjacent windows in a corner.  Add a small bookcase, plush chair and a little end table to create the perfect reading nook.  In addition to being a favorite place for you, potential buyers will also appreciate this wonderful design element.

Consider the View
Take a walk around the property before you start designing.  Is there a stunning view to the south?  Walk through the property at different times of day to see how the sun moves across.  Do you want to capture the morning sun?  Are you interested in taking in a breathtaking sunset every night?  Keep the view around the property in mind when planning windows.  This way, you can have a picture window facing the east in your bedroom to invite the morning sun in, or you could put that bedroom window on the north wall if you prefer to sleep late.  

Look at the Exterior Viewpoint
As you decide how many windows to place in a room and where they should go, take a moment to consider how the windows will look from the outside of your dream home.  The windows on any level should be balanced and in line with each other.  This may mean putting a bedroom window near a corner to maintain balance on the exterior view, but it’s worth it to ensure that your home looks fantastic.

When planning your windows, it becomes clear that there’s a lot to consider.  You want to let the light stream in and capture great views, but you also need to maintain enough wall space for furnishings.  Consider how the windows will look from the outside, and try to think about what potential home buyers will like when it’s time to sell.  Finally, invest in a few clever design features like a sunny reading nook for your own pleasure and to increase your home’s value.

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