Home Improvement Tips For a Healthy Lifestyle


Home is where the heart is. But what if the home proves to be a health hazard for you? What if the things inside the house cause allergy and other health issues? You definitely need to adopt some home improvement tactics that reduces the chances of you falling sick. Here is few tips one need to follow to ensure a healthy home improvement.

Check moisture level: Mold is one of the unhealthiest items that can grow inside a house. If the humidity level of the room is kept low then mold formation can be checked. The first thing to do is to seal any air duct leaks inside the house. The air conditioner drip pads should be kept clean. A moisture meter can be used to check the level of humidity inside the house.

Proper Ventilation: Proper ventilation ensures not only the passage of fresh air but also reduces the level of moisture inside the house. As far as possible try to leave the windows open. This is especially so in case of room that produces lot of moisture like bathroom. Vents from house hold appliances like chimney should be directed outside rather than attic or other room. If the weather condition in your country does not permit good ventilation, then an air purifier should be used to ensure supply of fresh air. If you are in the habit of using candles frequently, it is best to switch over to candles made of bees wax or soy wax as the ones made of paraffin wax can release carcinogens and other air pollutants.

De-cluttering: De-cluttering is another way of ensuring a healthy way of living. Unwanted things can either be recycled or donated for charity purpose. De-cluttering not only helps in keeping the house clean but it also ensures a healthy atmosphere. Kitchen cabinets, fridge, wardrobe etc are few areas that need de-cluttering on a regular basis.

Go Organic: By using organic or eco friendly products, you are contributing not only to the environment but also ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Try to use eco friendly furniture like the ones made of cane or bamboo. Lead free paints and non-synthetic upholstery helps in maintaining the eco friendly nature of your room. The 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – should be given due consideration to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Planting indoor plants not only contribute to the green theme but also provide fresh air inside the house. Certain kitchen plants like oregano ensures continuous supply of fresh herbs for cooking purpose.

Upgrade light bulbs: Dim lights tend to accentuate mood swings and irritability especially during winter times. Upgrading light bulbs to a brighter one is the solution. The low setting can be used while relaxing and bright light which is closer to natural light can be used during normal periods. The best option is to use a dimmer switch so that the brightness of the light can be changed according to the situation.

The above tips are not too complicated to follow. Following them religiously will ensure a healthy life – both physically and mentally. 

Author Bio: Emma Wilson is a freelance content writer cum guest blogger for http://www.gouldsac.com. Gould’s Air Conditioning and Heating Service provides all cooling and heating needs likes servicing the existing system, AC repair or replacing. More details regarding their service can be had from their website http://www.gouldsac.com.