Home Depot giving me the run around over Pegasus shower kits

I am republishing Kerri's comment to try to help her find an extension valve for a Pegasus shower kit. If Kerri doesn't get help she'll have to rip out her tiles and wall plumbing at great expense. Here is what Kerri said:

"I am getting the run around from HOME DEPOT regarding my brand new Pegasus shower faucet. I need an extension valve stem because I have deep walls and no one is willing to help me by staying on top of the people that have the part. Home Depot says that they are waiting for Pegasus to call them back.

Its been 3 days now. So I was thrilled when I saw this post that I can go to Expo Design. But to my misfortune Expo Design is going out of business and are not placing any more custom orders. Where the heck can you get this part? NO ONE KNOWS!!! No one can help you and they only blame "Pegasus" for not calling them back.

I would highly recommend against anyone buying this "Store brand" Pegasus. Now we have to rip out our wall to replace it with a better brand like Moen or Kohler. Something so simple has been made so difficult by Home Depot."

Ok folks, put your thinking caps on. Where can Kerri get this part? Someone must know something. Home Depot, if you are listening., please show your support and stand behind your products. Kerri needs that shower valve extension and thousands of other home owners who bought Pegasus and have it in their homes need some reassuance too.