Hiring A Good Roofer And Knowing When To Replace Your Roof

Replacing the roof on your home will be one of your biggest expenses when it comes to maintaining your home. Replacing the average roof can cost up to $25,000 so it’s not something you can take lightly unless you have money to burn. Below are some tips for when to know your roof needs to be replaced and how to go about finding the right roofer to do the job for you at a good price.

When it comes to the roof on your home, we already know they’re expensive to replace so one of the most prudent things you can do as homeowner is properly maintain it so you get the most out of the one you got! In order to do this you’ll probably want to get to know a good local roofing contractor who can come by and inspect your roof at least on an annual basis. Some homeowners can get away with doing this on their own but at the very least you will have to get on your roof and give it a close visual inspection to see what kind of shape your roof is in.

The average shingle roof lasts anywhere between 15-25 years and that should give you a pretty good barometer for how much life you should expect out of your roof. However you won’t get 25 years out of your roof if you don’t periodically maintain and inspect your roof as mentioned above. Finding a good roofing contractor to inspect your roof can also be the perfect time to start pre-qualifying roofers for the inevitable day when you’ll have to replace your roof.

No homeowner looks forward to the expense of replacing a roof but trust me, it can get a lot worse! There are horror stories all over the internet of homeowners hiring alleged “professional contractors” that ended up being anything but. There are several things you have to look into if you don’t want replacing your roof to turn into a disaster and you want to avoid getting ripped off.

Roofers at work

When hiring a contractor for a job as large as replacing a roof you definitely need references and referrals from other folks who can vouch for the quality of the roofers work. Initially you can ask for referrals from friends and family but those tend to be far and between. When hiring a roofer you can also speak with general contractors and building inspectors as they are usually pretty aware of whom the good roofers are and who the bad ones are as well. Another possible source for roofer referrals is your local home improvement store or the major roofing materials supplier in your area.

Getting all of these referrals will only go so far though and with a job of this magnitude you’ll still want to prequalify the roofers that you have bid on your job. Prequalifying the roofers will ensure that all the bids you receive will be from quality contractors and you’ll get much more out of the bidding process. When looking at different bids, and we recommend you look at least at three, you should also take into consideration any warranties or guarantees the materials or workmanship may come with.

When it comes to prequalifying a roofer you’ll definitely want to see some references from some work he’s done. With roofers it doesn’t really matter if the reference is a few years old as you can always ask those homeowners how their roof is holding up a few years later. If possible you should ask the roofer if he can help get you in contact with some of his past clients so you can talk to them about the quality of his work. Another good idea is to ask the roofer if he is currently working on any other homes when he comes by to bid on your roof. This way you can ask about dropping by his current work site to see the quality of his work and to check out how he keeps a work site. Bottom line: with a job of this magnitude it would be best if you actually saw evidence of the roofer’s good work as well as speak to references.

Beyond references you’ll also want to look for complaints and reviews. Most of the time you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for simply by doing a Google search for the contractor’s name or business name. The key is too look for complaints and reviews from legitimate sources that are on legitimate websites. A dirty secret no one wants to talk about is how some shady contractors will pay people to leave them positive and glowing reviews on websites that don’t authenticate the reviewer. So whenever possible, stick to legitimate websites and legitimate or authenticated sources.

Something else you definitely want to consider when replacing your roof is insurance. Unfortunately a lot of accidents and injuries take place in the roofing industry and to protect yourself and your home, you must make sure that the roofer you hire is properly insured. That means he better have some form of General liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance if he has employees which most roofers do. These are absolute musts when hiring someone to replace your roof.

Replacing ad repairing your roof isn’t fun or glamorous but it is a necessary part of properly maintaining your home. And since it’s so expensive to replace a roof, it only makes sense to make a concerted effort at properly maintaining your roof and then doing your due diligence with the hiring of a roofer when it comes time to replace your roof.

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