Hidden Moving Costs

The bright air of optimism and new possibilities is palpable when moving into a new home. Between finding new schools for your children and dealing with moving companies, the actual process of moving can be quite stressful. It can also be costly. Moving can quickly go over budget if you are not careful about hidden fees. Below is a list of common hidden fees associated with moving and tips on minimizing them.

1. Moving Companies
After doing your due diligence of finding the best price for a mover by scheduling three movers to give in-house estimates, you’ve budgeted for the move. But did you ask about other mover fees? If you are hiring the movers to pack your boxes as well as transport them, there can be additional fees if the tasks are uncommon or cumbersome. If they must disassemble furniture or disconnect gas lines and wires, you may be charged additional fees.

You’ll see extra fees on your bill if the objects are unusually heavy. That lovely baby grand piano; yep, that will cost you extra. If the movers will be going down an excessive number of stairs, that will also raise the price of your move. It’s always a good idea to pack as many of your belongings up before the movers get there, but if you do it in a way that makes the move more difficult, they may charge you an additional fee to repack it.

2. Cable and Satellite TV Service
Cable TV is a necessity for some, but it can be frustrating when it feels like your bill is always higher than the last month thanks to new fees. The first cable fees you’ll probably notice after moving into your new home are activation and installation fees. These fees are frustrating when you are contending with so many other fees associated with moving, so this one is worth trying to fight. Threaten to switch to another local provider, or at least point to their lower fees, and you may get this one waved. In addition to activation fees that gets the cable turned on, you may be charged installation fees to physically install components. Other fees you may get hit are associated with promotional periods for premium channels. If you are offered a promotion, be sure to read the fine print and mark any important dates on your calendar.

The best thing you can do is use comparison websites such as BillShrink to find the rest deal in your area. This will save you lots of money in the long run.

3. Internet Service
Internet service is considered by many to be as much of a necessity as water. You’ll want to get internet access as soon as possible, but notice the fees associated with activating this necessity. In addition to local and federal taxes, you may also have modem rental fees. You may expect to pay for the wireless router (and cable box)you’ll be using. You are sometimes given the option to buy it outright, but most companies charge a monthly fee, typically $5. You’ll also be charged an installation fee to set-up the router. These fees can be reduced or eliminated by buying the router elsewhere and installing it yourself. If that sounds daunting, it will still be cheaper to buy a friend a six pack or pay $20 to that nerdy looking kid next door.

Moving is never easy, but it doesn’t always have to run over budget. Always ask about common additional fees, read all the fine print, and you’ll be just fine. If we missed any, share what moving hidden fee is your biggest pet peeve.

Dwayne Thomas works for cabletv.com. He frequently writes about various subjects, including saving money and technology. He welcomes your feedback on Twitter @DwayneThomas15.