HGTV suspends Millennial Living's account

This morning I went to's message boards and logged in. I instantly got a message that my account was suspended. The reason stated was for "Advertising".

Contrary to what HGTV says, I was not advertising. I signed up on their message boards on June 2, 2008 and submitted about four messages after reviewing various subjects. I believe I submitted articles on energy, going green, and two articles on pets. I can't be more specific because everything I submitted was deleted.

My posts to the message boards briefly discussed an issue that was not covered in depth on and referred readers to my articles. It was not as if I just typed in "See my site' and added nothing.

Just in case you think my articles are not relevant, here are the ones that I submitted:

Being different

So why was I suspended?
Maybe HGTV perceived me as a threat? If they do, then they are really in trouble. is a powerhouse of a website. Over 5 million people visited the website in May compared to my 25,000 visitors to my website.

I also suspect that has hundreds of people behind their website. On the Millennial Living website there is basically me and several people who contribute articles periodically.

Maybe is was my last blog post entitled "Wait a minute HGTV, you forgot something." I was merely trying to point out that people can save some money by looking into an Equity Acceleration Plan. If they did, they might have more money to spend on home remodeling. I also linked back to hgtv's excellent article.

Was I suspended really for advertising? Oh sure that must be it. After all, the stories on my site have Google Ads and Kontera links on them. Of course I make money there, but that is to cover the costs of hosting and maintaining the website and that's about it. There are no investors, no banks and unfortunately no rich uncles or grandparents funding me.

Were hgtv users offended by my content? I don't think so. Maybe HGTV was annoyed. Here's an email from someone from their message boards.
Thank you email from hgtv message board user

Well, I think it is unfortunate that HGTV will not allow me to refer readers to my website articles. It is not like has a monopoly on wisdom when it comes to home remodeling and decoration. Besides, most of the people I have helped don't have highly skilled interior designers, trades people and an army of support staff working behind the scenes of their home remodeling projects.

Despite being irritated about's decision to suspend my account, I've decided to simply persevere and continue writing and developing this site to benefit more people.

Thanks for allowing me to vent a bit.