Hashable- How to Save and Remember all those people involved in remodeling your home

When remodeling or building a new home you are going to be meeting and talking to a large number of people. Keeping a paper note book is a good idea, but getting those names in an electronic form is better. Enter Hashable.com, a iPhone or Droid Smart Phone application that may help you do just that.

In a recent article, we recommended cloud computing services like Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Server and Apple’s future iClould to keep track of all that remodeling paper work- schematics, photos, bills, proposals and change orders. We forgot about the people that you will meet. That list could be:

  1. Contractors staff,
  2. Subcontractors (tiler, plumber, carpenter, kitchen cabinet designer, HVAC, etc.)
  3. Interior designer, and Architect and
  4. All those smart sales people who helped you select electric and plumbing fixtures etc.

Save and rememberRember when and where

Follow up

Our take on Hashable- so far

Hashable reminds me a lot of Twitter. The interface has the same feel. I just started using it so I am not able to tell you how effective it really is. One thing that I will say is to read the instructions carefully and especially think about your settings. One of the first things that Hashable will ask you is whether you want it to use your location. If you answer “Yes” then you are essentially letting people know where you are and possibly with whom. That may or not be a problem for some, but if you don’t want everyone to know exactly where you are, then answer “No.” If you do answer “No”, some of the features will not work. As we gain experience using Hashable we’ll revise this post.

Hashable's Features

Hashable is a smart phone app that saves and remembers everyone you meet. It even tracks where and when you meet people. You can manage all of your important relationships on any device (iPhone, iPad, desktop). All you need is an email address or twitter handle.

Hashable also lets you:

1. Find Everyone Later - it stores the where and when automatically, so you can easily search for your contacts on your Smart phone. Then you can call, email, tweet your contacts directly from the app.

2. Set Reminders and Private Notes – Keep your relationships current by setting follow-up reminders for any contact.

- Get reminders via your calendar or email.
- See all of your upcoming follow-up reminders in one view - your Hashable to-do list.

3. See relationship histories - As you use Hashable, you can view a scrollable history of everything you've done with anyone in your network. You can even search and filter through your activity and people from our website.

If any of you use Hashable.com, please comment on your experience with the program.