Getting the Guest Room Ready for Easter Visitors

No matter how soon Easter falls after the winter holidays, it is always a mad dash to get the guest room ready for company.  Grandparents are the usual visitors in question, and while they are not necessarily picky, you want to make sure that the room has a bit of Easter cheer.  This year, let the kids help you plump the pillows and a touch of Easter decor to the guest bedroom before your friends and family arrive.

Perfect Pictures
Replace the usual framed pictures on the wall with handmade child drawings.  Break out the crayons, markers, and colored pencils as they draw their favorite Easter scene on a sheet of 8.5-inch by 11-inch art paper.  Once they are finishes, purchase or repurpose some inexpensive frames and hang the drawings on the wall.  Grandparents will be particularly delighted to see their grandchildren’s artwork.  As a going home present, take the frames down and let your guests keep the pictures that the children drew just for them.

Easter decorations

Funky Easter Pillows
Sure you can add a square throw pillow to the bed, but it would be so much more fun to sew an Easter egg pillow and use that instead.  Forage around in your craft pile for some fun, pastel fabric and sew oval, Easter egg shaped pillows.  Hot glue bric-a-brac on to create a design for added visual interest.  Try to choose fabrics that match the decor of the guest room if possible.  For truly funky eggs, use different colored fabric for each side and hot glue pieces of a feathered boa to the pillow.

Bedside Bunnies
One of the best ways to decorate is to use things that you already own.  Not only is it easy on your pocketbook, it is also easy on the environment.  Have your children search through their stuffed animals and find a few bunnies.  Place them around the guest bedroom, on the arm chair, the bed, etc., to create an instant Easter feel.

So Glad You Are Here
Take Easter decor to a whole new level by adding a colorful basket filled with plastic eggs to the guest room.  In each egg have a handwritten note explaining why you are glad that your guest has come to visit.  “You make me laugh” or “Your smile lights up the room” can be neatly tucked into the eggs and make your guest feel oh, so special.  Have your children come up with notes to include, as well.  When your guests arrive, your children will be excited to share the notes and your guests will be touched to read them.

Decorating the guest room for Easter does not have to take a long time or cost a lot of money.  With some simple tricks, you can make sure that your guests feel welcome and comfortable as they celebrate the holidays with you, while making your home colorful, inviting and right in step with the holiday.

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