Free Lighting Tips for every room in your home

I usually browse magazine stands for ideas on remodeling and design. Most of the time I am disappointed by too much advertising and too little substance. I was completely awed by Better Homes & Gardens' Special Interest Publishers "Lighting- Setting the Scene" magazine that I picked up in a Lighting Store. Every home owner who is thinking of a remodel or just wants to enhance there existing space for a few dollars will benefit from it. The best news is that it's free. Here are some highlights and how to get a free copy.

Ideas you can put to work
The book is organized by room and also has a section on Outdoors and Bonus Spaces. Here's a sample on what I gleaned from the magazine in about 15 minutes. There is much more.

  1. Red to yellow light is the bestto flatter yourself in the bathroom while putting on makeup or for that matter your guests in the dining room. Read the label on the bulb and chose a Kelvin between 2,700 and 3,000.
  2. Consider a chandelier for your bathroom on addition to sconces and the usual vanity lights. The chandelier will add immediate interest and better illuminate the space. Make sure that any chandelier you purchase specifies use in a wet space.
  3. For an instant bathroom update, just replace those strip lights with the globes. The glare alone is reason to get rid of them. Replace them with a two or three light vanity using the same electric junction box.
  4. Dining room chandeliers should be hung about 33 inches above the table with an 8 foot ceiling. Add 3 inches for every foot that your ceiling is higher than 8 feet.
  5. Consider a cluster of pendant lights as a dining room light. Also consider cascading the pendants at different heights for interest.
  6. Use sconces and table lamps in bedrooms.
  7. In the kitchen, pendant lights are usually hung 30-36 inches above the island or peninsula work surface. Consider other factors like seating and consider putting all of them on a dimmer to control the mood of the space.
  8. Avoid cheap compact fluorescent lights. Usually these have weird colors. The more expensive brands have better light that is more of what we are accustomed to with and incandescent lamp. You'll have to experiment to find the right color.

Where to get the "Lighting- Setting the Scene" magazine
We would be remiss if we did not mention the American Lighting Association (ALA) for helping Better Homes and Garden to put this outstanding resource together.

The American Lighting Association's members include include lighting, dimming controls and ceiling fan manufacturers, retail showrooms, sales representatives and professional residential lighting designers. The ALA's website will help you find a member lighting showroom to assist you with your lighting projects or you can call 1-800-274-4484.

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