FPL replaces older generators- reduces CO2 by half

Florida residents can now look forward to lower power costs and cleaner air thanks to Florida Power & Light. The utility took another step on the road to becoming a greener utility too. The company will replace old oil/gas power generators with new units. The new generators will cut carbon dioxide emissions in half, produce 90% fewer air emissions and use about 33% less fuel for each megawatt-hour of power produced.

Last month, FPL demolished the old 565-megawatt (MW) Riviera power plant in Palm Beach County were both oil/gas dual-fueled steam boiler units that were built in the 1960s. The Canaveral plant (demolished Aug. 22, 2010) in Cocoa, Florida.

FPL is continuing with its construction work to replace two older power plants with more efficient natural gas combined-cycle units. The new replacement units will have a combined capacity of 2,500 MW and are scheduled for completion in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

Replacing the older oil/gas units with the newer combined cycle natural gas units is possible because of two factors:

  • There are adequate natural gas  supplies in the U.S. at competive prices and
  • An adequate interstate natural gas pipelines to transport the gas from producing areas to Florida.