Four Tips that will set your Remodeling Project apart from the crowd

Have you ever looked at remodeling project and failed to be impressed? It happens more often than you think in project inside and outside the home.  Here are some tips that will ensure that your project provides you with the best for your money and will bring you joy to for years to come.

  1. Shower glass- there is clear glass that has a green tint to it and there is Ultraclear shower glass that has little or no tint in it. Consider paing more for the Ultraclear glass if that green tint common in clear glass will spoil total effect on your bathroom remodel.  

  2. Hardwood floors- wider planks look a lot better. So specify, 3 1/4" x 3/4" hardwood Floor instead of  2-1/4” x ¾ inch. Also specify Select wood be it Red Oak or White Oak. It will have fewer knots and more consistent coloration.

  3. Paints- don’t skimp on the paint or primer if you are planning on staying awhile. A good primer, and two coats in an “eggshell” finish will give your space the wow factor. Sure, a flat finish covers imperfections a lot better. Need some help selecting colors?

  4. Flagstone patios and walks- don’t believe that every stone is the same. Go to any stone yard and you will see masons picking through flagstone to select the best for their client.

    There are many varieties of flagstone so take the time to match the color to your brick or siding.  For example, Select Pennslylania Blue and Thermal Flagstone are more expensive. If you are looking for sharp edeges and a very finished look go for thermal flagstone.

    Don’t forget the shape and pattern. A curved flagstone walk in a random rectangular pattern looks great.

Do you have some remodeling tips? Please share them with us.