Finding The Perfect Mattress For Your Bed

We design our bedrooms with peace, comfort, and relaxation in mind. Since we spend most of our bedroom time asleep, we want to be sure that we have the best quality bedding, frame, headboard/footboard, and mattress available for our particular budget. While choosing most of these relies heavily on personal taste and budget, finding the perfect mattress for your bed has other affecting issues that weigh more heavily. Also recent infestations of bedbugs may warrant a change in bedding.

There are a few ways to know that you are choosing the perfect mattress for your bed, based on individual circumstances. The ultimate test is sleeping on the mattress, but most stores do not allow customers to have in-store sleep trials, so you will have to rely on these methods instead. If you follow a few key instructions, you will be able to rest, knowing that your bed is the highest quality you can get based on your situation.

Healthy and inviting bedroom

Your budget should be your primary consideration when finding the perfect mattress for your bed. A quality mattress can be expensive, based on style or brand name, so be conscious of this as you shop around. Some simple comparison shopping can be a great way to get a really good deal on a quality mattress. You can do this by going from store to store and getting quotes, or use an online search engine to shop from home for the best deals at local retailers.

The style of the mattress should be another key factor. There are many different styles of mattress available, and each offers something different to the person sleeping on the bed. Memory foam, innerspring, latex foam, air, waterbed, and futon mattresses are common choices, depending on what type of bed you are fitting the mattress to, and what is comfortable to the person meant to sleep on it.

Obviously, size matters under these circumstances. It goes without saying that the perfect mattress should fit the bed. A mattress that is too big will hang off the sides of the box spring in all directions, and it will be extremely easy to fall off of the bed. The bed will look very awkward, and the bedding will be difficult to keep neat and organized. A mattress that is too small will not be comfortable, as it becomes easy to roll onto the hard box spring. This can easily cause damage to the box spring or injury to the person sleeping on the bed.

Measure the box spring to find out what size mattress will best fit if you are unsure. Some box spring labels already have the size printed on them. The most typical sizes are twin, full/double, queen, king, and California queen/king. The California sizes are slightly longer and wider than a traditional king or queen, so they make a great choice for taller individuals. Specialty beds, such as cribs, bunk beds, waterbeds, and so on, will have special mattresses.

Once you choose the style and budget option that works in your case, finding the perfect mattress for your bed can be narrowed considerably, helping you find the right store much easier. Comfort, price, and size are the biggest issues to resolve. After that, sleeping on it will be the deciding factor.

Alyssa Davis, writes exclusively for, and specifically about designing with decorative wall candle holder and outdoor metal wall decor.