Extend your home without stretching your budget- external additions

Home renvoations and additions have become an industry. They’ve also become a pretty expensive option. Doing a lot of building requires major commitments, and it can also involve some heavy duty strain on the average human being’s financial optimism. Fortunately, there are other options like patios and landscaping. These external additions can be very straightforward, they definitely add value, and they’re a lot cheaper than major renovations. Also remember that in these stressful times a patio and garden are an excellent way to recoup and get your mind off the poor economy.

You can even use industrial adhesives to build them, rather than the usual building materials. Industrial adhesives are also called "construction adhesives". They're used to bond static exterior features. They're multi surface and have material bonding agents. You can use these all purpose heavy duty adhesives to provide full surface support, rather than nails.

Patios- A base for external additions with a lot of options

The patio is being reinvented as an all purpose external living space by designers, taking some of the old porch and sunroom concepts and reworking them. The results can be stunning, and they can create a lot of all-purpose space while they’re at it.

A modified patio can include:

  • A basic outdoor area, covered, tiled and landscaped
  • An enclosed, or enclose- able, space as an all- weather area (These enclosures are basically frames, mounted on the patio as a base.)
  • A dining area with a pergola which can also be covered
  • External TV and media
  • A spa or Jacuzzi
  • Area storage and outdoor furniture

If that sounds like adding the equivalent of a spare living room with a few extras, it is. The additional benefit is the fact that the external storage zone can achieve miracles in decluttering the home.

For homeowners, the beauty of this type of external addition is that it can also be costed to the cent. The big renovation costs aren’t even on the map, in this type of external addition.

You can build at your own speed, make sure you get what you want, and you can do at least some of the work yourself, saving even more money. The landscaping can be done by the family gardener (try and stop them) and some of that can be done for the price of a few cuttings by expert gardeners.

The value equations

There are actually two types of value adding involved in external additions:

Quality of life values: The home is expanded, providing more space for everyone. That also creates space inside the home, as the external space takes materials and empties the interior.

For kids of all ages, these external areas are valuable both as safe play areas for toddlers and the private spare room for teenagers and all ages in between.

For adults trying to create work space at home, the outside enclosed space can easily become a good, quiet, working area. They’re brilliant for projects that use up space, too, because you’ve got more options, and storage as well.

Property values: These additions add real value for any buyer, and they’re getting good value, too. The external additions are all functional, not cosmetic. They look great, mainly because they are great.

Building codes: There may be requirements from local government for approvals, but these types of additions are extremely straightforward, and don’t require the depth of technical detail of renovations.