The Essential Guide to Decorating Guest Bedrooms

Do you have a shoebox for a guest bedroom? When space is an issue, you need to get creative with furniture. Below are some tips to keep your guest bedroom large, even when the room is small:

Make Space a Murphy Bed Look-A-Like

Frame the bed (probably a twin or full) with lots of custom cubbies and shelving, forming what looks to be a reverse headboard. Utilize the space for books, picture frames, extra blankets and an alarm clock.

Bright Colors Turn Small

Using bright colors on every wall in small bedrooms can make the room appear even smaller, so chose one accent walls and go to town. Select a simple natural color for the main wall and find a bold and daring color you like to accent with. You can bring that wall color into the rest of the room, using it in your bedding or throw pillows. Macy's has some great bold choices to compliment any room wonderfully.

Floating Shelving | Your New Best Friend

If you have a lot of things you want to display but don't have the floor space to do so, then using floating shelves is the answer. These handy shelves are a great space saver and are quite decorative. Display some fresh flowers when you have guests to keep the place smelling fresh.

If you love nightstands but don't have the space for it- a floating nightstand is also a great idea, that way, you have the luxury of the piece without having to sacrifice floor space. All you need to do for this is to install a closet or shoe shelf upside down beside the bed. For some added color, hang up a small frame, a few pieces of fabric and attach it to the wall above the shelf. Instant art!

Here's a Bright Idea!

Take a tip from luxury resorts and attach the lighting to the walls on either side of the bed instead of on a nightstand! Great space saver and a "no duh!" moment. Not only will this idea save you space but the lighting will allow your guests the perfect amount of light for night time reading.

The Room Has a Window Seat, Utilize It!

Don't let this space go to waste: it makes an amazing sitting or thinking area. Measure the window seat and make a nice cushion for the space. Decorate with a variety of throw pillows and think about painting the inside walls a different color to accentuate the space. Place a warm and cozy blanket and let your guests know this space is great for a reading nook.