Does Ditra underlayment cushion the feet?

Colleen wrote "I am considering replacing my Pergo flooring and carpet with tiles in my Arizona home. I have seen your product featured on the Mike Holmes' shows quite often. With tile being a little harder on the feet than wood floor, does this underlayment provide a sort of cushioning, as well, under tile? Thank you."

Here's our answer:

Hi Colleen., No, the Ditra does not provide a cushion like a pad that you would use for carpeting. So you will not feel the difference. What the ditra does do is prevent the tiles and grout lines from cracking. It does this by creating an area that floats and absorbs the pressure from people running or walking on it.

Use Ditra if your subfloor is not sturdy and especially if you can not put plywood on it to stiffen it up. Ditra is 1/8 inch thick so it minimizes the height differences between two different kinds of floors or floor elevations.

Coleen asked a followup question:

Thanks for your quick response, Tom. That is helpful to know. I'd like to ask one follow-up question. Our home is a single-story (no basement) in Arizona, and I believe that our Pergo flooring was installed directly on the concrete. A vapor barrier may have been used, but no sub-floor. That just may be the way they do it in the desert (although I may do my homework and see if there's an advantage to sub-floors here).

With that said, would you recommend using Ditra between the concrete and tile? It still doesn't sound like there would be any cushioning advantage, but it would still prevent possible cracking. I will be more than happy to recommend this product, and include remarks about your good customer service. Tom, thank you again. I won't keep bothering you with questions, but please know that you have been so helpful.

Here's our answer:

For your situation, there is no need for Ditra on that concrete floor. Thanks for your kind words.