Decorating Your Kitchen with Style

There are a lot of options when it comes to decorating your kitchen. The choices you make will be very much determined by the style of your home, for example, whether it is a modern home or an old fashioned period home. Your choices can also be largely determined by your budget. As well as your colour scheme, your choice of cabinets and fittings, you will also need to go shopping for appliances, both large and small.

A good tip here is to always keep receipts, in case there are every faults or something breaks down. You will be able to replace items under warranty and sometimes you can even get your electrician to come in and fix things like your Bosch dishwasher.


Your colour choices for your kitchen is all about your taste. As the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house you want to get it right to set the correct mood, make your kitchen look light and airy, create an illusion of space if your kitchen is only small and invoke feelings of happiness. The colour scheme that you choose does so much more than make your kitchen look pretty.


Your choice of flooring might be determined by budget or practicality. You could also love the look of timber floors or you have an old fashioned style home and timber is a perfect match to the rest of the house. Lino is a cheaper option if you are watching your spending. Tiles are practical, especially when it comes to cleaning, but do note that everything you drop is likely to break when it hits the hard tiles.


Dress your windows up. Roller blinds don't take up any space on either side of the window, which is a good idea in a kitchen where space can be limited. Timber Venetian blinds look fantastic and you can control the amount of light. You might choose to have no blinds or shutters so as not to obstruct the view. In a period home dress up the windows by have a panel of stain glass.


There is a huge array of kitchen cabinets out there to choose from. A carpenter will fit your kitchen for you or you could even have him design it especially for you first. If you are on a budget you can find kitchen cabinets for sale cheap on places like eBay.


When it comes to things like appliances always spend that little bit more and get the best. Always fill out the warranty and keep your receipts.


Your kitchen shouldn't just look good, it also needs to be practical. Remember the 'triangle' rule when designing your kitchen. You should have these three areas at each point of a triangle shape in your kitchen, the fridge, your bench or workspace and the oven. This way you can easy turn between the three and use your kitchen efficiently.

Ease of use

You want your kitchen to be easy to move around, so don't have an island bench if it is going to be mean that you need to keep walking around and around it to get anything done as you move from one point in the kitchen to another. Make sure you also have enough space.

Do it yourself

To save money why not do it yourself. If you are a little bit handy there is no reason why not, plus there is always plenty of help out there.

Smart shopping

Be smarter when it comes to buying your fixtures, fittings and appliances. Do your research beforehand online and find out where the best deals are. It will save you petrol and time as you don't need to trawl the shops.

Take your time

Get it right the first time and take your time. If you are renovating a kitchen it will end up more costly if you have to redo something that you are not entirely happy with.

There is plenty of information around to help you decorate your kitchen so take advantage of it and get it right the first time.