Decor That Positively Encourages a Teenage Boy

Decor styles are available by the dozen for the average teenage boy, but not all will inspire him to greatness in some way. Although his tastes may differ widely from yours, there are many compromises that are hip and trendy without being tacky or expensive, so you both can find something that you agree on. It may seem impossible to find something to agree about at first, but with some help you may discover that his tastes and yours can be brought somewhere close to meeting in the middle.

There are a few different routes that you can take to help your son choose decor that provides positive encouragement, without spending thousands of dollars or weeks designing and implementing changes. Here are two basic examples, which could be combined to create something unique:

1.      Color Vs. Theme

Color can be an excellent alternative to a real theme in the room, especially if you want to avoid a theme that you do not care for, such as offensive music artists or violent video games, which both appeal to teenage boys. Positive encouragement may seem like an outdated theme, but it can be a great way to show him you care without making him feel like his sense of individuality is being violated in some way. Color lets you both get more creative without having to explore themes that your family finds offensive.

Boys room with a theme

Vibrant colors, like deep purples, rich greens, and cool blues often appeal to boys, and you can create contrasts with white accessories and black furniture. Black shows wear better in most cases, and this is very important when you have a teenage boy who is hard on his furniture. To let his individuality shine, create a photo collage of his friends, favorite bands, fun times, or even his favorite sport. Dress it up by framing it, and hang it instead of having posters taped or stapled to the walls. If he has a favorite poster, make sure to frame it so that it will last longer.

2.      Incorporating A Catchphrase

Slogans, quotes, and catchphrases interest the majority of teenage boys, and you can easily create a great focal piece that includes a favorite Scripture, quotation, or saying. You can pair this with the color option mentioned above, using contrasting colors such as black and white or white on deep colors to make the words really stand out. Decor that positively encourages a teenage boy should include something that he can keep in mind throughout every day, such as a quote from a role model or inspirational figure.

For example, you could use a quote from a legendary sports coach like Vince Lombardi. Add this quotation, along with a framed motivational poster featuring an inspirational related sports scene or any scene that ties in with the quote. You can add a backdrop with a shade featured in the poster, such as red or deep blue, and then use white, black, or a different shade for the quotation. This will inspire him without overwhelming the room in masculinity.

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