Creating a perfect garden

Planning, planting and tending a garden is a rewarding experience and adds beauty and value to a property. Deciding on what elements are must-haves, making firm plans and keeping the desired style consistent are the best ways to yield a garden that is not only beautiful to look at but also an excellent investment in the future of the property.

Tips for building a perfect garden

The first step to creating an ideal garden is to know the land. Taking the time to walk the land at different times of day to establish which areas receive the best sun and shade and how the elements affect the area is the starting point for any garden plan. Decide on what plants and elements are absolutes and plan out the budget for the garden accordingly, remembering that compromise may be required to stay within the budget. Also consider the overall purpose of the garden: is it simply ornamental or is it functional, yielding fruits, vegetables and herbs? Answering this question will help to define the plan of the garden.

A flower garden, mixing perennial and annual flowers and flowering shrubs, is a great direction to go in to beautify the home’s exterior and make it more appealing. Other than occasional watering or weeding, flower gardens require little maintenance. The same can be said for an herb garden, with the advantage that herbs not only produce picturesque flowers and greenery but also yield herbs and spices that can be preserved, used and gifted to others. Herbs are usually perennial and return year after year. On the other hand, a vegetable garden takes a bit more work to produce consistent results and generally only lasts for a season or two.

Fruit gardens of trees and shrubs are much harder to tend. Fruit plants are sensitive and vulnerable to pests, but if these issues can be overcome then the long-term growth is worth it. Most fruit trees and shrubs take years to mature to the point where they yield fruit, so mixing other types of plants in to the fruit garden may be a good choice.

Kerb appeal and value

Having an organised, attractive garden can be a huge contributing factor to the value of a property and the ease with which it may sell in the future. For many homebuyers, the appearance of a home’s garden and exterior is a deciding factor in whether or not to take a chance on purchasing the property. A well-planned garden can reflect the care and concern that an owner has for their property and how much they value it emotionally and physically. Carefully tended gardens also hint at the care that the owner has taken of the home itself, with the exterior reflecting the interior and technical aspects of the house. This may be very reassuring to prospective buyers.

From the type of plants to the type of paving materials, from fences and gates to water features and garden furniture, the elements that go into creating the perfect garden all combine to make an impression.