Converting a dull garden shed into Santa’s grotto

Christmas for many is an excuse to decorate their home with festive features and accessories, but why stop there?

If you are celebrating Christmas as a family and have children to entertain, why not turn your boring garden shed into a magical Santa’s grotto? This isn’t as difficult as you may first assume. By following these simple steps you can create a magical winter wonderland for the whole family to enjoy. The kids will be delighted and you will be rest assured that you single-handedly created a joyous feature in your own back yard.

Step 1

The first step is to, of course, empty the contents of your garden shed. For many this will be a simple task. However, for those who store everything from garden equipment to unwanted or unused furniture in there, this could prove a little trickier. Transfer all objects from the shed into another convenient storage space. The garage, a spare room, basement or a loft is ideal.

Depending on the appearance of your shed, it may be worth taking the extra time to thoroughly clean and tidy the interior. If garden tools have been stored there all year round, a shed can quickly become rather dirty.

Step 2

Paint the walls with white paint to create a real wintery effect. If you are feeling extra creative, paint a fireplace on a particular wall to create a real homely and Christmassy feel. However, if you are against the idea of using paint, there are alternatives. Decorative sheets and spray can be used to achieve a similar effect. If using plain sheets to cover the walls, it may be an idea to paint any extra decorative features onto the sheets before fitting them to the walls to avoid creating mess and spillages.

Step 3

Now the fun part begins! Tradition Christmas decorations such as fairy lights, tinsel, stockings and holly should be applied to the inside and outside of the shed. A tree is a necessity. After all, what is Christmas without a Christmas tree? If the shed you are converting is too small to include a tree inside surrounded by presents and gifts, why not decorate an existing outdoor tree or place one outside the grotto to achieve the desired effect.

Step 4

Santa, of course, will need a comfortable and striking chair to sit on inside the grotto. How else are the children supposed to sit and talk to Father Christmas? If there is no source of heat in the shed it may be advisable to insert a plug in heater to ensure the grotto is cosy and welcoming. However, take extra care when using a heater. Ensure all wires are out of the reach of children and are tucked away safely to avoid accidents. Also, if using decorative sheets to cover the walls inside, avoid placing a heater directly aside these as you may get more heat than you bargained for.

Christmas should be a time where families and loved ones get involved and spend quality, fun and exciting times together. By creating Santa’s grotto in your garden you can be sure that children and adults alike will remember the special touch for years to come.