Christmas Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Not only can Christmas lights give your house a festive appearance, but they can also create a feeling of the Christmas spirit to people in your neighborhood. With the help of weatherproof lights designed for outdoor use, you can exhaust your creativity as much as you want. You can transform your home with lights during Christmas by lighting your porch and driveway to create a scene like a winter wonderland. The following paragraphs describe some Christmas Outdoor Lighting Ideas.

House and Porch

Lighting your home, especially during Christmas, can give it a magical winter look. For a lovely effect, you can use any color lights. Plain white lights give a more classic look while red and green lights portray the characteristic Christmas colors. To create a bright and delightful look, you can choose multicolored lights. The most attractive way of lighting up your home is to connect these lights to the natural lines of the home, like along the top gutter, along the porch rails and around your door's outline.

Another beautiful effect of Christmas lighting is achieved with white lights hung downwards. To create an effect that resembles hanging icicles, you can hang lights on the top guttering or along the railing of the porch.

Front Yard

If you are yearning to create a winter wonderland scene, front yard can offer you the ideal site. Use what you already have in your yard to set the scene first. Drape lights on your garden trees. This can look spectacular if the lights are lined along the branches. Moreover, attach light strings to your fences too. You can intertwine the lights with the green garlands to make the setting even more amazing. If you have any lamp posts within the yard, you may also attach green garlands along with lights to them. Once you've created this scene, you can put some Christmas light sculptures in the yard as they'll liven up the overall appearance of the yard.


Your driveway, when nicely lit during Christmas, will make your guests feel like they are in Christmas haven. To get a modern outdoor look with Christmas lights, arrange electric torch lights along the driveway. To add more celebratory color to this scene, include a few red LED cherry blossom trees. All these can render an interesting effect to your site. If you want more lighting than this, then add multicolored flashing rope lights along the driveway.


Creating a Christmas lighting effect within your windows can add the final taste to your lighting appearance. Rendering icicle effect with hanging lights under each window can add a special look. These lights can either be hung inside or outside the house. You could also decorate your indoor pendant lights with garlands so they can be seen from the outside.

Candles are more associated with Christmas and create a warm, festive glow in your home. Arrange the candles on your windowsill in a nice order. Light the candles when it's dark so that they can create a full effect. If you fear potential fire hazards, you can choose to buy electric candles, which will look just as real as the conventional ones.