Christmas Decorating – Roller Blinds

When decorating your home for Christmas, your roller blinds may be the last thing you thing about, if at all. They do tend to look very practical and lifeless. However, with a little creative thinking, these blinds can be a great way of adding festive flair to your room this holiday season. The blank flat canvas allows for easy designing and application. By using the usual traditional decorative features such as fairy lights, tinsel and ribbon, these practical pieces can be converted into centre pieces.

The most obvious route to take when decorating your roller blinds is to use tinsel. By simply draping the tinsel over the top of the blinds and letting it hang from both sides adds an instant Christmassy feel. Alternatively, cut the tinsel into shorter pieces and hang vertically from the top, creating a shimmering waterfall effect.

Decorating Roller Blinds

A more polished look can be created by the use of a garland. These festive favourites can be purchased or made by hand. Simply apply them to the tops of the blinds, as mentioned with the tinsel, just like you would do a fireplace. Add baubles, candy canes and ribbon to the garland for extra effect. By adding these small touches, a garland can be designed to match any décor or colour scheme.

Fairy lights are yet another way of adding festive cheer to your windows. Either attach to the tops of the blinds or onto the window itself (allowing the twinkling lights to shine through even when the blinds are drawn). An extension cord may be necessary for this. Take extra care when using lights and ensure all leads and electrical cables are well out of reach and risk of tripping.

The use of ribbons can be another great way to spruce up your blinds this Christmas. Wrap the ribbon around the top of the blind, leaving enough room to successfully move the blind open and shut. Use different colours and finish by adding a large, neat bow hanging from the centre of the blind. This can create a festive centre piece in your living room or bedroom with little effort and expense.   

Decorating at Christmas doesn’t have to be restricted to just a tree. Bring attention to your home and furniture by adding festive flair to non-traditional items. Curtain poles, fire places and roller blinds can all be included in the fun and are sure to get the guests talking.