Buying Kitchen Appliances? Read This First…

Whether you’re remodelling your home, or just need some new kitchen technology, it can be a problem when deciding what models to go for.  Do you opt for the bog standard version that will do its job or the ultra new and ultra slick modern attempt which will change your life forever? With so many variations on the same products it can be hard to choose which one is right for you, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you along a little…


Kitchen rangeYou may have found a brand of appliance that you love- you’ve bought it in the past and you know that their products would be reliable and useful.  But along comes another brand which catches your eye.  Their product is brand new, shiny and promises the earth. So do you stay loyal or jump ship?  The best thing to do is do some research into your trusted brand and see if they’re planning to do something similar in the future.  This may be worthwhile as your trusted brand’s product will more than likely be lower in price as the product will have been out for a good few months before hand, beating the new product launch and hype.

Alternatively, it might be good to try something new.  When choosing new washing machines, fridge freezers or ovens have a look at ranges by different brands, and you could be surprised not only by what is on offer, but also on the price.  The household appliances market is very competitive, so you could save yourself a small fortune.

Compare before you buy

Never make a purchase before seeing exactly what is out there on the market.  When a new product is launched, some retailers may offer special promotions or offer free gifts to go along your purchase.  You could also find that a certain retailer may put the item you’re after on sale, whereas another may keep it as half price.  If you find that a retailer has the item on sale, ask other retailers to beat or match the price, after all you don’t get if you don’t ask.  You can compare prices of different appliances on online shopping comparison services, which will enable you to see which retailer stocks your product and will give you a list of which store will offer you the best price.


This may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many people over look this when buying white goods.  If you’ve remodelled your kitchen you’ll have to buy appliances that fit into the gaps of your cabinets and worktops.  Measure the gaps and leave about half an inch to ensure that there will be enough room for your appliance.  When shopping around always take a tape measure with you along with the measurements to make sure you’re getting the right size for your kitchen.  Another thing to consider is the impact the appliance will have on your electricity bill.  Larger appliances, especially dishwashers, will use more electricity than a smaller one.  Just because the item is larger doesn’t mean it will be more effective.  Just buy the size that you need and you will save on the initial cost as well as future electricity bills.


Washing machinesBefore buying anything, always read the terms of the warranty that will be provided.  A warranty is a promise from the manufacturer that the product will do as stated and will not incur any breakages or cease to work within their chosen time limit.  Be aware that warranties are unlikely to cover any wear and tear or acts of God which may affect the use of the item in question. Some retailers will offer you an ‘extended warranty’, meaning that your purchase will be covered for longer by the manufacturer, however this can cost extra, so ask how much this will cost before handing over your money- you may be covered for the item in your home insurance policy.

A Household Appliances article, written by Rachael Miller from the Shopping and Vouchers team at moneysupermarket