Bottled Water vs. (Home) Filtered Water

Safe and healthy water consumption is a topic that is on the forefront of everyone's minds these days, particularly as society becomes more health conscious. As individuals aim to consume the daily recommended amount of water, it is important to consider the pros and cons of consuming bottled water, along with those of the alternatives.

Bottled Water Pros

  • Bottled water is convenient for people to simply grab and go.
  • Bottles can simply be disposed of rather than cleaned between uses.

Bottled Water Cons

  • Plastic PET bottles typically used for water, can contain traces of chemicals, including estrogen.
  • Plastic bottles produce excess waste.
  • Bottled water stored in a retail location is heavily handled, and that increases the risk that bacteria might make its way to the mouth of the bottles.
  • Bottled water does have an expiry date. The shelf life is typically one to two years. Consumers that fail to check the expiration dates and consume this water may experience health complications as a result.

With the risks associated with the use of bottled water, it is important to consider other options, like water filtered at home using LifeSource Water Systems or other home options.

Pros of Home Filtration Systems

Water systems that filter that water of the whole home provide cleaner drinking water and other benefits that extend beyond simply the purification of the water that people drink.

  • Chlorine and chemicals that enter through a house's water system are removed. This means that they are not consumed in the household's drinking water, or inadvertently when water from the faucet is used for cooking. Rarely do individuals use bottled water to cook in, or when water is needed in recipes.
  • Filtered water can be put into any kind of reusable water container for transportation, which makes it far more environmentally friendly than the disposable alternative.
  • Water from the tap always comes out fresh.

Cons of Home Water Filtration Systems

The only real con associated with use of a home water filtration system is the cost associated with the initial purchase. However, there are already costs associated with the frequent purchasing of bottled water, which means in the long run, costs may be lower anyway.