Bathroom Sinks in Review

Are you looking to change the sink in your guest or master bathroom or your entire house? Even if that's the only feature of the room that you plan to update, choosing the right style can make a big difference in appearance. You don't have to have the same sink in every bathroom. In fact our advice is to upgrade or do something different in your master bathroom and powder room. This article will briefly review some of the styles and materials available in bathroom sinks today.

Bathroom Sink Styles
So what are your basic sink style choices? Essentially you have three basic designs:

Under counter sinks 

Kohler Caxton Bathroom Sink Under counter sinks are probably the most common. They're flexible and simple, working with a variety of vanity styles. They may come with a vanity set for convenience. White round or oval porcelain bowls are easy to come by and not necessarily a budget buster. The work horse of remodeling is the simple 17 inch Kohler K-2110 Caxton sink. It comes in a large variety of colors and also in a larger 19 inch size. We think they are fine for most remodeling projects and they are priced between $65 and $100 on the Internet and in most retails stores.  Stay with white for the lowest price.



Kohler Ladena Series bathroom sink

If you want something a bit more special then take a look at Kohler K-2215 Ladena 23" Undermount Lavatory Sinks. We think this is a good sink for a master bathroom and is priced between $186 and $280. If you are on a budget you can relegate the Ladena sinks to the master bathroom and the Caxton Series everywhere else except the powder room.

Basin or Vessel Sinks

Many showrooms today are filled with basin or Vessel sinks. Basins sit on top of the vanity and often work very well with modern bathrooms. We have used them in powder rooms that are traditional as well. They add to the wow factor because they are unusually.

Kohler vessel sink in powder roomThey've become popular over the years and can even be found included in bathroom vanity sets. They're available in virtually all sink materials and come in different shapes from round and oval to square and rectangular. Basins are also found in varying depths from large and shallow to small and deep. Vessels sinks look very good on floating vanities cabinets.

Before buying a vessel sink, consider the sink faucet that will go with it. The sink faucet could be mounted on the counter in back or side of sink or come from the wall above the vessel. You may have to consider purchasing a better looking drain pipe if that will be visible too.

Pedestal Sinks
Pedestal sinks stand alone without a vanity for support. The way they're designed often gives them a more traditional appearance. Pedestal sinks save floor space and may work especially well in a guest bathroom. They offer a clean, open look to a bathroom. Some plumbers and home owners find pedestal sinks troublesome, because it is difficult to hide the water supply lines behind the sink. The biggest challenge is storage. 

Corner sinks
Corner sinks are serve bathrooms that are extremely small. Most are suspended from the walls but there are some pedestal corner sinks as well. With a suspended corner sink, you definitely need to buy waste waster pipe that will add to the look of the sink. See our article on corner sinks for more ideas.

Sink Materials
Bathroom sinks come in a variety of materials and shapes. Some of these include: Porcelain, Stone, and Glass. The oval or round white porcelain sink is a standard in many households. Porcelain is attractive, easy to care for, durable, and can be budget-friendly. However, with the shift toward modern designs, porcelain has adapted and transformed. You can find attractive porcelain basin/vessel sinks in more angular shapes that are nothing like tradition. If you want to go a little fancier, you can find colored sinks and even styles that have designs painted on the bowl's interior. So if you want to stick with porcelain, you can still dramatically change the look of your vanity.

Stone sinks and basins are more and more common as spa and Zen-inspired bathrooms evolve. The types of stone used include granite, marble, and onyx. Like porcelain, these sinks are easy to maintain and will last a long time. They add a luster and elegance to a bathroom that can't be matched. Granite lends itself to a modern setting and is available in sinks, basins, and pedestal sinks. Marble and onyx are a bit softer and good for a classic modern look or a spa atmosphere.

Glass sinks are popular in the basin and vessel style. It's a clean look for any bathroom. Thick glass provides durability and easy cleaning. You can find clear glass, colored, and patterned. Round basin style glass sinks are common but they're also available in a variety of eccentric shapes. If you want to stay clean and modern, or add a touch of whimsy to your bathroom, a glass basin may be just the item you want.

Sink Wrap-Up
When walking through a design showroom, the choices may seem overwhelming. Basically, when it comes to bathroom sinks you can choose from under counter, basin, and pedestal sinks. There are a variety of materials to choose from but three popular options include porcelain, stone, and glass. Within these materials are a variety of shapes from round to geometric to abstract. You may have your work cut out for you. Always keep in mind what you really need and prefer and not just what's trendy or popular. For more information please visit: